Sunday, October 16, 2005

For some reason, and probably in my tired stupor after a long long saturday, i thought of something quite lame...

There's this Christian song that goes like:

"God will make a way,
When there seems to be no way,
He works in ways we cannot see,
He will make a way for me..."

Now, substitute "Way" for "Wei" (but of course, "Wei" refers to my Gem. *grin*)

*God will make a "Wei",
When there seems to be no "Wei",
He works in "Wei"s, we cannot see,
He will make a "Wei" for me.*

Hur hur hur.


Wa lao! Who threw the biscuit tin at me! *ouch* Good joke wad! >8-< Aye, very apt one ok?

I think i did go into some detail before as to why it is so apt. But anyway. All i will say is that, whenever i reflect back over the years, i STILL marvel and smile inwardly over how our lives have been shaped and led.

Heh, i bet you've already tired of hearing me say this over and over again. But taking the time to soak in the details keeps me thankful and mindful always. To be constantly reminded not only just *what* i have, but also really, of the *beauty* of what i have and how it came around, makes me treasure us and not take it all for granted.

And i daresay that so far although having had experienced people coming (and going, sometimes) into my life, who've no doubt made it a great learning journey along the way (a Thank You to all of you, if you're reading this), i've never felt this way about someone and about a relationship before. Because of that very fact, i've come to learn and assimilate countless life changing lessons and have done things that I've never done before.

It's been pretty amazing.

But with all things said, I should not forget the One who gave all things, the One whose will and ways I should put first and foremost in my life though thick and thin, the One who bought and brought me True Life in this worldly existence: Jesus, God himself.

*** ***

Tomorrow, i embark on the first wave of War.


kaleidoscopia said...

Darling, I came across some pictures while doing some cleaning.. The one that had u going goo-goo gah-gah over someone... And I'm not refering to our NCO pix..... Hehehehe!!!!

joline said...


uh oh. What is this blackmail material you have on me?!

*screams and shakes miss D*

weirong said...

Oh I like that song! And the variation too xD *shameless grin*

*massages bump caused by biscuit tin* There, there... it shouldn't turn "blue-black" now :o)

*wistful sigh* it's been a long time coming. I thank God for letting our paths cross the way it has.. It's been a truly amazing renewal of heart and spirit for me indeed! And I found it all(and He found me again) through you Dear.. ;) Thank you~

Let us commit ourselves to God and allow His plan for "us" to be revealed in His perfect-timing always. :o)
*cradles your hands in my palms*

and rem:With Jesus on our side, we'll always fight our wars frm a position of victory! :D


miss D:
Sounds interesting~
Can I take a peek? ;) (I promise not to leak them) *chuckle*

joline said...


*beams* Thankew. :)

Arrhhh, but now i feel like a deity again. :-(
No lah, it has nothing to do with me really. I was just... conveniently there. ;-)

Yeah, i think that, no matter what happens to "us", we must always put our trust and faith in His plans. Whether together or as individuals.

joline said...


Nooooooooo!!!! Whatever it is, don't give it to him! *ahhh!*