Sunday, October 02, 2005

Do you think it has become way too cluttered? The "Comrades" portion was done in a bid to give my friends more character here than just being Names-on-the-Blog.

And i was just wondering if anyone knows how to create those Click-Me-And-I'll-List-Out-the-whole-bunch-of-Contents thing. It would be gorgeous if i knew how to do that, though I reckon that if i put ALL that into a scroll... I might blind and confuse myself too.


alwyn said...

as long as you like it, i guess it doesn't matter after all

maybe its time for a layout change.

smaller fonts - can write more

weirong said...

Ah at last~!

eh, wish i knew how to add edit the html to be "click-to-reveal-types" or interesting "scrolling-types" too.. hmm.. perhaps some of tt "scroll-html" is in Tagboard's html-code *scratch, scratch)

(oh, btw, added this as soon as i saw "1 bits".. which isn't very grammatically correct eh? hehe..
tt means must make sure got "2 bits" to keep it sounding-right)

Joline said...


True. Will see how reader friendly it looks like before i do anything. Hur hur, i haven't done a layout change because i like how the words aren't concentrated in the centre and also, it's a nice clean white space. Plus... I am a chicken because i'm afraid i'll delete everything by accident.

Hope you're doing all right where you are.


Changed the comments wording already. And yeah, it'll be nice to know, maybe i'll ask Mari.