Monday, October 24, 2005

The waves of war are over and done with, and i thank GOD for bringing me through it without losing my mind (i kid you not on this). To all my friends and my significant other who've kept me in prayer... A big,

"Thank You!"

I've been really blessed with all the well wishes and kind support coming in from everyone and even from my archery club president! *takes a bow* It is simply by being remembered and all that makes one feel soooo loved. :-)

*** ***

I remember making a list of things to do after my exams, and yeah, i plan to carry them out. There're just about a gazillion things i wish to take head on. But for now, i am content to stay around at home to recuperate from all the late nights and mental activity over the year and for the last few weeks.

Been wanting to go sweat it out at the gym and go arching too, but as life likes to poke fun at me, i have just come down with a flu. Gah, i SO love awaking to the wonderful, uplifting feeling of a sorethroat and a stuffed up nostril. Woohoo!

But never me mind, it shall soon pass, and i'll be as good as new. La dee da.

Anyway, these are my current additions to the list:

- Go to Ikea with misS_D
- Spend time with my Gem

Hm, i had a lot more leh, what happened?

Cannot remember... *scratch*

- Dye hair and do something else to it, maybe.
- Oh yes! Catch up with old mates. I know i promised you gals/guys all the time to go yak!
- Clear room
- go for the tree top trail at MacRitchie

*** ***

This blog entry is really about nothing much... I know i've got some things on my mind, but i am too lazy to develop any coherent thoughts on them. Probably explains in part why i am such an intellectually unstimulated bimbo with nothing smart to say sometimes. Er, most of the time.

In addition to that yummy layer of cheese, there's egg-mayo filling inside the potato too! I am so brilliant. *smug*

Eh hm.

All right, ok, not quite. I just need to psycho myself up for the next few days when Mom won't be around. That makes me Maria 101, since the sister will be busy and there's no way on Earth i can run away from house chores now.

As promised, i shall go to bed early. I am determined to reset this upset biological clock.


weirong said...

0.0 *drip*
oops.. *wipe*
That looks yummylicious baked potato!

"Maria 101" is your undercover-name? (Myb when house chores become espoinage-affairs..:P)

Aye.. i'd lend a hand or two if i could.. hope u'll recover fast and manage housekeeping-duties really fine~ :D

chelsea5manutd0 said...

pray joles...mind telling me what's the status of your relationship to the guy beside u in the foto?

joline said...


wahahaha, no worries. I take that as a compliment! Heh. *gong face* But my friend says it looks like an alien movie prop leh, and i think he might have a point there. :-DDD
Eh, i am dripping too, but from my nose. Yurk. :-S hur hur.

I know you'd lend your helping hand to help. Always so chivalrous. :-D And i thank you.

joline said...


Our status is... that we're each other's significant others.

liting said...

hey gal... so glad that your year's finally over !! well-deserved break! (pat on your back!) hai, unlike me, far from over. the "Best" is indeed yet to be, starting from Jun non-stop till now.. having attachment.. finish attachment then got final year project in Dec, then school starts in Jan, then breakless till Mar, then final attachment.. My well-deserved break will only come in May! (*faints*) and that's when I graduate, by the way. I must Gambatte! I don't just need strength I need endurance loh.

Eliss said...

i oso leh. but my attachment is forever going on so i dun feel much. afterall, i m gonna spend another 3 yrs at least doing the same stuff. but am looking forward to my graduation next yr!

joline said...


WOW. That is definitely some long riding rollercoaster trip. I guess it will surely take good management of time to be able to plough through that in good order. I believe in you girl. And if you ever need to rant, rave, complain or just need a place to rest, i will be around. :-)

Seriously speaking, as i recollect my exam paper content, i am wondering if i need to retake it. I know it's not exactly very nice to talk about failing it, but i have to be realistic, considering the kinds of things i wrote in there. Oh well.

joline said...


It is a good thing that you see your attachment as something that will be useful in future in the coming years. :-D Heehee, woohoo! Graduation, graduation! It's SOOO CLOSE! Thumbs up, Chin up girl, keep it up! :-D