Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Singapore's Own Breed of Nocturnal Creatures

Why can't i get money (ok, not that i am working but i still want money because i am a non-working, pathetically dependent student) the same way my face makes pimples?!
Fast to come, in huge amounts and they are biiiigggg. Freaking Pimple Farm. *mumble*

Some time ago, my Gem and i were having a MSN conversation on whether the Night Safari had accomodation for us... (because we were often up late trying to complete school work)

So, this is my imaginary Night Safari summary of... the Tertiarius Studustus, in English meaning, Tertiary Students: (*requires insider local knowledge)

"And look to your left hand side! You will now be able to see the Tertiatrius Studustus enclosure, housing the creatures also known as Tertiary Students, one of Singapore's most important form of economic dependency and one of the first native nocturnal animals. They are mostly concentrated on the west end of our urban country, their most distinctive and lauded physical feature being the perfectly shaped dark rings around their eyes.

Other variations of the species include the ones that migrated away from the west into the central part of Singapore, perhaps seeking to be different, and thus also creating for themselves a highly advanced and spacious town habitat.

The other species variations, more inclined towards the fine arts, reside in both the central and east end of the island, living a somewhat less but no doubt seasonal exhibitionist lifestyle. But do not be fooled by this as they have shown to have acquired a vibrant name for themselves over the years. This unique vibrancy is not limited to just their reputation, but also to their attractive fur coat colours that come with their outrageous sense of style.

It is known that Tertiarius Studustus are a primarily monogamic species, but it has also been noted that polygamy is not an uncommon procreation practice. Studies have shown that with the well provided facilities on the west end, the Tertiarius Studustus has proven to be sexually active all year round although infant mortality has yet to be determined and recorded through further research."



Back to work.


scezzy said...


Actually, aren't dark rings round the eyes more commonly associated with pandas?

*chews bamboo and wonders*

joline said...


wahahaha, you sound like a confused panda.

Due to circumstances and nature of their lifestlye, it has resulted in the Tertiarius Studustus to evolve to also include dark rings.

Min said...

I once thought a return to the fold of Tertiarius Studustuses was what I wanted.

Now I dunno what the hell I'm doing. Tired, tired, tired...and broke.

Good luck with exams by the way...
(or is it over?)

Eliss said...

heyyyy! my 'exam' is over!! now i can cum and visit u regularly. so sorry tat i went missing so long.

i tink ur description is very apt(or ape?). afterall, where else do such species exist, other than singapore?haaaaahhhaaa

joline said...


Ah well. The struggling is a b**** but i guess the end result will be the good fruit of your labour. ;-)


I can finally sleep like a normal human.


Yeah! I missed you. :-) So how was everything?

fulham 2 liverpool 0 (john 30, boa morte 90), manchester united 1 spurs 1 (jenas 72) said...

joline! i think u write very well too, it's very humorous, the analogy is very well developed, the sentence structure and vocabulary show a strong and confident grasp of the English language and the satire you make on tertiary students is subtle but effective. So no more arguing that what you write is just nonsense yeah? :) I had a good luff when reading ur blog. yeah, mebbe I should start my own blog, but if u do u all must come in and read and comment.

joline said...

fulham 2 liverpool 0:

*wahahahaha!* Sorry my friend, i couldn't help laughing over how it felt like my essay was just being critiqued and is soon to be graded...

Thank you, i really appreciate your kind and encouraging words. :-D Especially since i've always thought that i was suffering from some sort of brain degeneration that makes me lose my sense of language. There've really been some instances when i surprise myself. :-D

YEAH! Start a blog! I will definitely link you one...