Sunday, October 09, 2005

Archery Kaki: "Aye, your bow got grow mould already anot?"

Me: "No, no, don't have, i checked already. But got dust on the case..."

*** ***

Jia jia lat lat man... I haven't shot an arrow in months and i have actually fogotten how it's like to feel the arrow clear the arrows rest, leave the bow, see it fly and watch it land with a "thunk" on the target board.

Went back to the clubhouse today for a final committee meeting before we make a move over to the Jurong premises. Bye bye Paya Lebar, and Hello Jurong! Yeah! Nearer to my home too. *grin*

Looks like it's going to be one busy holiday break after my exams, what with all the archery kakis arrowing (oops) me to do what i should be doing as an "active member". Yeah, and at the same time, it's about time i get out there and get a proper archer's tan too. ("You're a half baked archer lah..." Dad said. Gee wow, thanks. *pout*)

"There's a time for everything ok? Now is the exam period..."
"But before exams, what were you doing? Sleeping most of the time..."

(I was seen as sleeping most of the time during the day because i was actually awake during the night, doing school work. Sheesh...)

"No, but what matters is that the love for the sport is still there.."
"But you can love a sport from your bed!"

"No... What matters is that the love is still there. The bow is not a waste as long as i still love the sport, because once the exams are over, i'll be back at it."

I tell you, he should NEVER try to win an argument over such things. Asking for trouble only. >:-I

I came home and decided to set up my bow, have a good look at it and to try to draw it as well. The draw weight was last adjusted to about 35-39 pounds and i am sad to say that i looked constipated while doing so and my bow arm was shaking before long.

I foresee a tough time ahead getting back into form - Back to my training regime both on the range and at the gym. But what can i say? That's my idea of Bliss.

Well, something else was equally Blissful, but dum dee dum. Hm, hm, hm.

I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.


weirong said...

Hello there my Lucky Girl~ :)

I was wondering wot the "equally Blissful" "something else" was..

dom tee dom.. *happily humming*

joline said...


Now don't be coy young man... You were there too when i saw, before me, this rather enthralling figure... Must be drop from Heaven one.