Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Earthquake of 7.6 on the Richter Scale has just hit Pakistan over the weekend, i think?

Natural Disaster upon natural disaster. Crises upon crises. Strange person(s) rising up, claiming to come in YOUR divine name.
Wave after wave of problems engulf the world today.

They don't seem to be ceasing and they are occuring so close to one another.

Lord oh Lord, are these signs of the end times? Or is this just a period of concentrated crises for a short term bigger purpose?
I take this as an indication to be more serious about the ones around us whom we love, but do not know you. We cannot afford to slack around anymore.


Anonymous said...

yes I'm inclined to see these as signs, given the frequency and scale. All we can do is hope and pray that things will ultimately bode well for His believers.
- cynicholas

joline said...


You do feel that way too? Yep... And it really makes me wonder how events will unfold in the coming future.
It is already bad as it is, and being in this generation where such erm... "hardship" (?) in this sense can be but a distant notion, i wonder how much worse and how much more... how shall i say, "outrageous" it will get. And how the world as a whole will react to these things.

Eliss said...

on mon i went to NUH to see the 4th yr dentistry students treat special needs patients(pt). I was so sad man i tell u. i was observing this pt with Down's syndrome. She was 19 yrs old but not much taller than a kindergarden kid. she can't speak and cant rinse properly. it is like... u ask her to rinse, she will rinse once then pour the water away.then she cant take care of her teeth. i could see chucks of food stuff fished out of her mouth. but she was very cooperative. makes u tink tat ordinary kids cant be compared with her. sad lah:(makes u wonder who will take care of her until she dies

Eliss said...

of cos u r going to say that the institution (MINDS) will take her in. wat i meant was who would love her like her parents when they die?Who?? Wich brings me to a story i read before. it is abt a middle-aged fisherman who fell in love with a down's woman. but her brother was so sure that the man was lieing abt his love. so he purposely told her that the man is leaving and no longer loves her, she became so sad then well...she fell sick and die. so sad story. very memorable....who are we to judge other people's love?

joline said...


Yes, it is sad, in a way when faced with the prospect of having to take care of someone who may not be as normal as us. Sometimes, they do bring us joy and may also help us find meaning in existence. But it can also be tiring with lots of sacrifices.

That is a SAD STORY! Now i wonder wot it was about that lady that had gotten that man smitten.