Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I now pronounce you... 2 years of age, "The Vacuum"! To more years of collecting my cerebral rubbish.

(Too lazy to get a more dignified looking vacuum, you know, the age old "Rainbow" brand one we've got that has withstood the years. It is just a few years behind me, perhaps about 14-15 years old, i think?)


weirong said...

*red carpet unfurls*
*fans eargerly waiting along the queue stands*

*limo cruises by to a halt*
*excitement quietens in anticipation*

*limo door swings open*

*brassband fanfare*
*MinPin hops out to greet paparazzi* *howls & wags lil' tail* (o.0)!?<--fans' reaction

"She's here! She's Here!!"
*Adele is wheeled out on a silver-platter-trolley* (0.o) *eh?*

All other blog-subjects make their appearances until...
*official product endorsement official steps out* *holds trusty cleaning-equipment in hand*
(>.o) ?? "We have all but the celebrity-author herself present!?"
"Where could she be?" (>.<)

*commercial break*
Actor: "Hmm.... if only I had a longer list of past subjects.. (",)
oh well.."

Voice-overAnnounver: "Vacuum-brand storage; everything that goes in stays. Keeps your memories safe!"

Actor: "I'm looking forward to many more life-stories and other musings to come in the Vacuum! Wee! :D"

*back to Blogger's Choice Award-Show*

Event official 1: "Eh, I think we've mixed-up her schedule already"
Event Official 2: "I told you she was busy, did I not?"
E.O.1: "But I thought I heard a 'yes' over the phone?"
E.O.2: "OK, tell me you're not doing a Dr.DoLittle.. & reading the MinPin's lips!"

MinPin quoting in press-statements:

"GGrrff arr.. emm.. Arrfff!"
(Master will be busy for abt a month or so. Not wanting to be disturbed, she has sent me in place of her PR-manager; who can't do 'roll-over' and 'catch-the-cockroach' tricks as well as I)

"uuumm ggrruff!"
(Now, hand over the cucumbers!)

alwyn said...

so fast and its already 2 years. time really flies indeed

liting said...

Hey gal!! me again!! This is not relation to your post... but are we gals missing something important that's going in your life recently? *Raises eyebrows* Better not let me and our gang members the last to know ah? (especially when i am your 'other precious') erm-hem-erm-hem. I am just short of....

Anywayz. I have just finished exams ! Yoo hoo~ But I am going to start attachment at NUH next week (barely misery 3 days break) for another 2 months. Bleah.

Better hear from you soon ~

(If I am thinking what you are thinking, gal, congrats!!! All the best ah. Sincere wishes.)

joline said...


*reads all that with goggly eyes*

Had to read that a few a times to get what was going on. Yes, i know, i am currently semi-retarded at this point in time. HAH, Jed has such an attitude! WOOHOO, he has been taught well and is true to his MinPin blood.

*slaps head* What celebrity blogger lah... Aiyo. I is small fry and unknown and would freak if this blog goes totally public.

Arh, I think your recent advertising project stint has left you with an overactive right brain. Which is not a bad thing. :-D

joline said...


Precisely. And it hardly feels like it's been 3 years since we've left the portals of ACJC. Guess the place and the people we've met remain and stay very close to our hearts.

joline said...


Haha, always look forward to receiving comments from you ok... Miss you but glad you're doing ok.

Like i said, maybe i can come visit you during your attachment! So EXCITING. So how, can i pose as a patient? Can i cook up some story? Arrr, but the only thing impaired now is my brain. Oh well, guess you can't really make supportive molds for my brain.

Weeelll, hur hur, a few people know, but i can safely say that you girls aren't the last. But then... as far as i know, XH doesn't know yet. Hur hur.

Eliss said...

huh wat? i oso going to NUH for attachment leh!! for one day only. but i heard the dentists are pretty cute there. but the most exciting part is seeing them treat special needs patients.Yooooo

joline said...


heh, heh, cute dentists eh? *wink* Hm, would love to see how special needs children are handled. Especially with the prospect of having to inject stuff and pulling teeth out. *shudder*

When will you be going for your attachment?

Eliss said...

harlo woman, my attachment is ongoing all this while wat! since the start of this yr i have been treating both adults and children.special needs patients we seldom do much. cos we juz intro them the dental setting only, sumtimes they jus teach them how to brush teeth without doing 'invasive' work at all

joline said...


It was?! And i thought that you were alternating between seasons of normal lessons and attachment. I didn't think it had been continuous. Woooo!

So, so far, what have you been doing as treatments, for patients?