Monday, January 31, 2005

Behold... the power of...

The sun was REALLY all red. But it doesn't show up here. Posted by Hello

Gorgeous sun rays Posted by Hello

Cell's ECP outing. Pretty photo right? Posted by Hello

Now, isn't this nice? *beam* Ok, this is one example of a Beautiful Horror. Posted by Hello

the Sony Ericsson k700i!!!

YES! I was shocked myself too when i realized that my little handy device could actually take photos of this kind of caliber. It's not PERFECT, but i never thought the photos could have the potential to look this good.


And yes, i am a happy girl. I finally got my bluetooth dongle/adaptor. Yes, you didn't hear incorrectly, the technophobe has done it again!

Ok, i know it isn't a big deal but i am glad i had the motivation enough to get this, so i am now envisioning the possibilities.

Think i'll be back a little later.

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