Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Why i am not ready to have children. OR,
Why you should never leave your children with me, for even a minute.

At the Gym.

Child recklessly playing (but not severely) with the NAUTILUS weights (that i love) while his mother looks on.

Me: (watches him for a moment before turning to his mom)
I think you shouldn't let him play with the weights, he might spoil them.
Mother: Yeah, i know... RYAN!!!

Sigh. I should've said, "I think you shouldn't let him play with the weights, he might hurt himself."

Do you see how selfish i am? How unaware of the real dangers? I felt so bad after i blurted it out to her.
Stupid Joline.

*** ***

It can't be coincidence. After the morning's devotion, i turned on the computer onto msn. And lo and behold.
Someone i've not seen on msn, IN AGES, EONS, YONKS, was actually online.
I have not seen this person in months and months, in person and online.
It was too coincidental to absorb at that point.

So, what's the big deal, you ask?
This person was the subject of prayer just that few moments ago.
Apparently, this person just came into mind and it was the first time, in a long while that i decided to come out from this uneasiness about this person, and pray about it.

I am still unsure as to whether i should take that step forward.

*** ***

It is my hope, that, in this time of calamity in the tsunami affected areas, God's Hand will be seen, that His Love will come like a gentle wind to those in need.

In this time, when the people need Hope, God will be the one they seek and that He will draw them close to Himself.

What better time than now, for bad to be turned to good, for His purpose?
When the people have nothing, no one?
They are now free to start on a clean slate.

This is our prayer. Our cry.
Oh Lord, your Will be done.

Till Then.
*The day begins*

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