Friday, January 14, 2005

feeling: goodish.

Blue, is the colour of her eyes.
So pure, so innocent, so clear, so fresh.
Imperfection? Not an atom.
Each gaze finds you lost in their very depths.
Her eyes, are windows into the Universe.

When the sun sets, her blue darkens, deepens yet.
Still yet, her eyes twinkle.
They sparkle, every moment an enchantment to the beholder.

She is her own.
Yet, she belongs to the world.

*** ***


1. Awful at first. But once you know the reason behind it, it becomes friendly, almost normal. Something even likeable.
It feels so natural, so comfortable. Like jigsaw pieces that fit together snugly.
But nothing tingly.

2. Intoxicating. Tingly. Exciting.

Is the difference determined by the kind of love one receives(or perceives to receive) OR, is it determined by the kind of love one(him/her) feels?

*** ***

Met up with a couple of secondary school friends. I've not seen one of them in yonks.
Had a great time with them, munching junk food (Though i ate most of it. There goes my initial gym session.) and catching up with them as well as getting the latest scoop on other friends.

Isn't it a beautiful thing to be in the company of friends whom you've known for years?
Seeing their familiar faces, hearing their familiar voices, seeing the familiar crinkling of their faces when we all laugh together.
Sniggering at their quips, that makes them, THEM.

Thank you Lord... For blessing me with them. :-)

*** ***

I'm leading worship tomorrow for cell group. ARRGGH! *look of immense fear*
Not that it's a bad thing but...

It'll be my first ever time that i am actually playing for a group of people to sing praise and worship songs and, to top it off, i have TO LEAD in WORSHIP. (ie., begin the praise and worship session with prayer, pray during worship, make the music and close the worship time with a prayer.)

Hello? Me?

*eep* *gulp*

I know... that i shouldn't do it in my on strength. But i should be open to the Holy Spirit's leading.
It's just that, i've never done anything like this, so i'm totally clueless.

Never mind.

Let's see what the Lord has in store, shall we.

Till Then.
*Greater are His thoughts, and His plans. In Him, i will trust.*

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