Monday, January 31, 2005


I came very close to splitting one of my beautiful new arrows. *screams*

So close, that the black carbon colour of the incoming arrow got rubbed off on the other arrow's white fletching. *shiver*

There were a few other close shaves when arrows landed right next to each other, shaft against shaft. Scary.

There would be this "ka-chack" sound and you think, "ah. shoot, i am not liking that sound..."

But that aside, some were oxymorony: beautiful horrors. *smile*
Once i get my bluetooth adaptor/dogle, you shall see what i mean.

I have yet again opened another all-in-one ugly cut and bruise on my left arm with my bowstring. It's purple and gross but fascinating to look at.
Morbid i know. Heh.

My left arm, the part around the inner elbow, is riddled with scars.

It's all part of the game. Learning, practicing, getting whacked, learn somemore, workout, get stronger, make changes, etc.

I love archery.

*** ***

I went and got myself involved in our church's tertiary camp planning as a committee member. I am in charge of publicity and leisure. *round eyes*

Everyone, LAUGH!

Not too long ago, i was complaining about how i felt so different and left out. I still feel that way, but i've decided that i will bite the bullet, shelve my shyness, and garang da garang go out and make my presence known and help out in ways i can and so ultimately get to know the people in church more.
And hopefully, live a life of fruitfulness, not just for myself, but for the body of Christ.

Bracing myself for a super PR pushing time. Go Jo.

*** ***

NUS archery tournament coming up! To join or not to...? 70m ok... sure die one.
But neh mind, join for fun lor. Shoot for fun.
At 70m, who can see? Except for those with the binos.

Maybe later.
Horizontal meditation device is calling, beckoning, whispering to me with such enchanting tenderness that i am going to go slump in it and call it a day.

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