Friday, January 07, 2005

I am available! (to help!)

Call me insane but...

I know i haven't got much time left before school starts, but i have been toying with the idea of being a volunteer for the mercy relief operations.

And so i go through the list of the kinds of people they need over there at Aceh and stuff. But sadly.

I am no doctor, no nurse, no driver, no translator, no psychologist/psychiatrist (yet)...

I feel so helpless, physically.
I realize that all i can do is, 1. PRAY, 2. DONATE, 3. Go PACK STUFF for the people.

Sure brings in memories of the missions preparation. During then, I didn't last very long where i was suppose to re-pack items into boxes. I instead did a lot better handling food to sell so that we could raise funds.
Though, i couldn't do the Ra-Ra thing. [I quote an original jingle (hohoho): "buy our fried rice! Very nice! Some people come back twice!"]

I left the ra-ra-ing for the more enthusiastic and outgoing youngster.

For once, i kick myself for not knowing how to DRIVE!


I shall hop away for now.

As for volunteering...
God shall guide my footsteps.

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