Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Bluetooth Happy

More sunset rays Posted by Hello

While on the way home, i stopped by the corridor and looked out and yet again couldn't let this one go. I am getting trigger happy... Now that the bluetooth dongle lets me share photos! But hey, doesn't cost me a cent to feel fulfilled inside when it comes to admiring the beauty of nature and sharing it with anyone who can appreciate it too.

Vertical version. Figured i could get more sky, which turns out to be just... grey. Posted by Hello

Took this one at Paya Lebar. I looked on to my left and immediately fell in love with what i saw. Swooooosh! SNAP! Thank God for digicams and for bringing it that day. Posted by Hello

*** ***

I spent a day out in town yesterday and when it came close to going home, i realized what a homebody type i am. Sure, i like to venture out but i will ALWAYS long for home at the end of it all.
Guess i'm not cut out to be a backpacker.

Speaking of backpacking, i kind of like the idea of travelling around with my well stocked backpack as well as my loving partner bounding faithfully beside me.
(hohoho, sounds just like a happy retriever!)

ANYWAY, i DO MEAN a human being.

No, no, don't think amazing race!
We might just kill each other, but then again, we might end up loving/understanding each other more despite going crazy bonkers or well... remaining perpetually PMS-y, though i doubt any normal man will be able live with it...
and live a long life, for the record.

Especially so, if it is dished out by me. I am a terror! *ROARRRR!!!*

But of course, if he does, he is for keeps forever!

Funny how i used to be able to stay at home for days in a row without feeling the need to go see the outside world... ok fine, apart from the supermarket downstairs.

Now? Gee. I need fresh air, if not, at least something to keep me very very busy.
Ok, but i guess i will be coerced into remaining at home from now on.

Fine by me. My mugging engine is going at almost full throttle. Better make good use of it.

Visited the library yesterday too to look for brain food, but was sorely disappointed, having only found ONE SKINNY BOOK by ONE AUTHOR OUT OF THREE AUTHORS of books i was hoping to find.


Argh! OK! Don't puke your dinner out! I'm sorry, i'm sorry, i can't pout adorably.

Such are the sorrows of looking chronically nerdy.

Anyway, i managed to obtain TWO Paulo Coelho's books, none of which i've read before so i am a very happy girl.
A very happy nerdy girl.

Jo navigates her way around the library... keeping her head up to look for the fiction section.
She drools mentally as she draws nearer and nearer to finding the sirname of one of her favourite authors.

"COELHO! PAULO!" she finally spies!
Spots TWO BOOKS by him.
With her heart beating at 400 beats/min, she thinks,

Then she thinks in a more civil manner. "What if someone else comes looking to?"

... ... ... ...

As much as i felt it was my duty to not deprive someone of the same pleasure, i thought, "Look, what kind of rules are those? Sigh. I've been looking and i think i want them too much to let it go."

So there. I took both home. So now my sole responsibility is to finish them ASAP.
As with the 2 other Christian books i promised to read ASAP too.

Garbled too much already eh.

Till Then.
*My life... Rededicated."

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