Wednesday, January 12, 2005

I have grey fingers.

My very lame attempt at sneaking a cake home without the birthday girl knowing. Sigh.
AS usual, the cake is now half alive. Same fate as with anything else that is entrusted into my care.

My friend says i have grey fingers.

I have come to believe it.

1. Trooped off like some commando king to CMT to buy a birthday present and collect the birthday cake. On the pretext that... "I am going out".

2. Brings it home, a la joline style. (a bit too chor lor for an innocent little baby cake)

3. Upon approaching home, stuffs cake into bag and carries it into home. Vertically. To avoid being seen with it.

4. Gets home only to realize that cake and box COULD NOT FIT into ICE BAG.


5. Scrambled around the kitchen looking for a good container: One that fits the cake and that fits into ice bag.

*while doing so, i have to admit i was chanting certain promises... and chanting "grant me Godspeed!"*

6. Found the prized container but it was being used.

7. Hurriedly emptied it of existing contents and... (now, joline is very gleeful finally) but...

8. Quickly opens the cake box, to discover, to my absolute freaking horror that the cake had slid to one side of the box and the strawberries were embedded in all the wrong places. And there was cream everywhere.

7. Screamed mentally.

8. Thinks, thinks.

9. Takes frying ladle and a big spoon. Scoops the well, cake, or this "thing" that is now the shadow of its former... self, into the container.

10. A length of cream gets shaved off while the cake, or well, the thing that barely resembles one, slid into the container.

11. Goes, "YIPPEE!!!" mentally.

12. Quickly washes utensils of all cream, clears up any evidence of cake and dashes upstairs with cake in container.

13. Grabbed ice packs in preparation for storage till tonight...

14. In my dressing table drawer. (Yes, you read that right. HEY! i lined it with newspaper ok!)

15. Shoves ice into ice bag with cake.

16. Realizes that the complete ensemble couldn't fit into the drawer.


17. Eyes darted around to find a bigger drawer and finally rested upon study table drawer.

18. Quickly empties out contents and does the necessary adjustments.

19. and... WALA!

I've got a makeshift fridge!

All done in total secrecy without being found out!
And mind you... Birthday Girl was a few paces away from the kitchen can.


Problem is... I'm going out tonight and no one's going to keep watch over it for me.

*** ***

I hate the word "chio bu". If i ever use that slimy word in any instance other than
in jest, PLEASE SLAP ME.

It's coarse and sounds mighty degrading for a decent female.

Might pop by later, or might not.

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