Sunday, January 23, 2005

The last few days were.

All righty~!

I had an eventful long weekend. Not that it would be of much interest i guess but yeah, woohoo! I had fun.

In celebration of two of our cell members' birthdays, we held a bbq at my place on thursday and although it was a little messy-ish here and there, still, with the right attitude, the atmosphere was one of good spirited fellowship. Lurrvely.

Some mates stayed over at my place overnight, and then we made our way to the coast the next morning. I have to say that the weather has recently been absolutely freaking beautiful and i think i need to make the last ditch effort to make the best of it. School's starting the minute i get my textbooks. Which is... this coming week.

I've to admit that i don't quite know the people in my cell very personally. But yet.

A group of people put together by circumstance, somehow accept each other as we are, look after one another and in the midst of it all, have loads of fun together.

But there is one thing we all share in common, that is, we are all bound together by one belief, one God, one Saviour, one Great Love.

On two army groundsheets, we sat around and played card games (very enjoyable screaming away), had lunch and chitty chatted. Following which, we (very surprisingly, the people who don't know how to blade much, and that includes me) decided to take the plunge and go rent blades.

I didn't think we'd last that long, but once we started, we couldn't stop! While other bladers glided by us at the beginners' corner, we tottered about trying to grasp the basics of blading straight, turning and stopping.
Loved it! My cell leader's the pro among us so well, he beelined off somewhere else after teaching a friend, a total freshie, how to blade.

My cell mates are a pleasure to be with. ALthough ok, at times come instances when the talk exhausts, leaving either one wondering if the conversation should or could proceed on to a deeper more personal level.

One thing i have a problem with is, being Christians and all that, the cell people seem to always "act" in this "nice person, kind person" way, such that i can never really see their true colours. Or tell what kind of person they are, or analyze their characters/personalities.

Everyone seems to be on their best behaviour such that everything seems a little too neat... Like, Pleasantville or something.

I know that we should all aspire to be like Christ in thought, deed and speech.
But then, it becomes too perfectly shaped, casted, moulded.

I don't know about you, but that seems like a very strange thing to say, i realize.
*raises brow*

Although I suppose it makes life more pleasant, provides a more accepting and warm atmosphere, i really do wonder, what's beyond all that.
Who are they really?
Stop the visage.

That said, i'd rather bask in a warm, friendly, nice, genuinely-trying-to-be-like-Christ embrace from God's people, than receive an unaccepting and hypocritical thorned embrace.

On saturday, our cell did ushering for the first time and it was a very interesting job. I liked the fact that i had a lanyard hanging around my neck with a nice bright "USHER" label inside.
I felt like i was someone important, with a duty to carry out. Heehee...
Not all ushers get it good, but at least, i had fun giving out welcome packs to newcomers and making sure the offering bag gets passed around right.


And on sunday... My club had a mini competition, a fun/novelty shoot for just our members. 18 people took part, most being new members in the archery scene. Haha.
Well, it costs each person $10 to participate. And i grin... because...

I didn't just get my cash back, but also made a profit... *grin*
Ok, ok, 5th placing la. But that, TRUST ME, does not mean a thing.

I didn't do it alone of course. :-) Thanks doode! (if you are reading this, now that you made the discovery. hoho.)

I am a happy camper.
Eh, archer, i mean.

I want to befriend our new and younger pool of archers. I know how it feels to be left out from the in-group, in this case, the "veteran" archers. I know how it feels to look on with longing, hoping to be "one of the guys". To laugh along, smile along, WITH the group and not smile sadly inside.
So, i want to reach out to them and let them feel integrated and feel welcomed.

Glad to say that i managed to talk briefly to a few of them.
And i get so EXCITED, when i think about forming our own ACS (Archery Club of Singapore) Youth Team.
So that the next time a national competition comes around, we can all arrive in style and in one united group!

Unlike the pathetic time that ACS sent just the 3 of us (2 compound archers and 1 recurve) to the National Shoot last december.

*** ***

It's been a little tricky around here lately and it's all my fault. I am going to need to cut off some areas in my life, and end the complications for good. It don't do no one no good, nor meself any.

I need to sit down and search myself, ask God.

I freak at the first implication of getting into a relationship. When can i be free from this bondage?
I think i will be, once my parents stop being so uptight about me being with someone of the other gender.
With that gone, i think i would be more receptive towards relationships.

Aside from that, i need to deal with my own fear, my own insecurities, my own self consciousness, my own pride, my own faults.

When will someone truly sweep me over?

It's been a while since the last time. And i definitely haven't been bowled over just yet.

...... Though, there is this lovely lovely line that touched my ears and heart recently. :-) *swoon*

You know? I think every guy should GO BUY A BOOK ON MANNERS.

To be fair, i admit that i am not an expert at manners myself and i have more to learn and perfect too.

But well, this i must say.... Good, traditional, gentlemanly, manners and the all important Parental Approval are sure BIGGIES!

Till Then.
*i don't want to bust my new arrows. :-(*

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