Monday, August 23, 2004

Do i dare hope?

Thanks for those tips there. Though i have no idea how to fiddle around with the camera since it's rather automated. But i'll figure something out.
My sister is another of the type that, if you out her with a camera and food, she'll take photos of the chopsticks, food, plates...etc, at very close range for the angles.
I wonder how much that camera you long for costs.

*** ***

I went over to the other range (where the national team was training) to get help from the coach to adjust my bow. Ended up being quite an affair. Jia lat, i felt so bad can.
But they were just so nice. Thanks guys... I SO appreciate it.

I wanted to head back to the usual range but decided against it in the end and so i shot there.
Today, i had the first time ever chance to shoot at 50m. There weren't no 30m target so i had to join the NUS archers at 50m.

I never really wanted to try because i was afraid i'd lose arrows in the thick mimosa patch at the usual range.
But this range's grass was tame enough to risk it.

Onto the matter i am concerned about. The Team.

Coach seemed so so so so so sure of getting me in, from the time he ever suggested putting me in (months ago) till this day.

He happily introduced me to the NUS archers.
And coach blatantly told them that i'll be part of the team (and he gestures with a wide arm stroke) "very SOON". He emphasizes on the "soon" so hard my nerves felt like it was dragging back and forth on sandpaper.

I am not exaggerating my case, i am merely recounting this event.

And he tells me, "You'll be part of the team one day, you know most of them already right? I'll introduce you. (Jo: no!no!!!) Why so shy?!"

*** ***

The situation, to me, looks very bleak and i have no idea how and why he can be and seems so confident about it.
He shouldn't be so blatant about it if he can't even guarantee it.

But what i do think is, is that i will need to put in effort to show that i am worthy of my place.
Initially, my supposed entry was on a recommendation basis.
But i believe now, that i have to get in also by merit.

Which is why i've been told to go for the archery Pesta Sukan this week. No problem. I'm on about it. In C Class division, so not much expectation.
BUt of course i'll be going in with a competitive spirit.

Coach says to take part in the archery Pesta Sukan, then join in in the Monthly Trials. (in other words, shoot 70m with the national team and take down scores. and have them posted up i think. WA... PAI SEH. I am only a weekend warrior!)

NOTE: But ONLY IF there even is a Class C division for compound archers. It's usually for only standard recurves.

Can you imagine??? All my life, i've never actually gone for a public, sporting competition. HELLO? I'm like Queen Suaku of the Universe who vegetates and lives like a hermit most of the time.

Coach still thinks i can make it for the SEA Games next year. I have NO IDEA.
He seems to have a lot of faith in me, though i am inclined to think that he is doing a "coach thing"... IOW, psyching me up?

Some dude: "YEAH! Go for the SEA Games... We're gonna kick some ass."

Let's be clear on this. I am no longer going to ask about "my forms" anymore. All i know is that i am going to do all i can to achieve my aspirations.

And this is what i believe:

If he, as an experienced coach, can tell me from the moment he saw me that i can make it, i believe that i can make it.
I will have to put in effort, go through setbacks and plateaus and slumps too.

I am not saying i can impress you immediately with my shooting.
But i know i have the potential, and so i will try.

I wonder what would've happened if i didn't go to that range today. I think i never would've gotten to hear about the team thing.

Sheesh. THe coach pisses me off sometimes.
I have put a lot of faith in him but he has failed me many a times. He treats me funny also.
I think i treat him funny too. Reason being i have no idea how casual one can be with the coach.

So i am a mixture of a bundle of nerves as well as an over polite Japanese. And you do know that the Japanese are already very polite as it is.

I cranked up the poundage to 34 yesterday.
WOOHOO! Weekend Warrior is moving along! I could hardly pull 35 pounds a few months ago.
Understandably, i awoke this morning with my back muscles aching. But i like the ache.

I learnt a few things yesterday.

1. In archery, best to keep up a poker face at all times.
2. Try to remain emotionless, both inside and outside. Never allow emotion to set in. It wrecks havoc in the concentration department.
3. Blank out! Space out... It makes the people watching from behind you disappear. It becomes just the target and you after that.

*** ***

"Jesus is in the middle of the picture! Is He in the middle of your life?" courtesy of Pappert Plastic Card Co. Posted by Hello

*** ***

On to the last lap of of assignments, before mugging of exams come underway.

I am so excited about the Pesta Sukan (IF there's a compound division). heh, heh. If i go, I'm not exactly confident of winning anything because i don't know who my competitors are.

But i am going there to compete with all of the beginner's skill i possess, know what it's like, show myself what i'm made of and improve in areas where i am lacking.

You heard that dad? You think i have no fighting spirit. But you are wrong.

Till Then.

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