Saturday, August 21, 2004

Olympic Medal for Singapore? BOLEH! (i hope)

These were pictures that turned out highly UNsuccessful because:
1. the camera was in the hands of inexperienced me.
2. of my stubborn sister.
SHE was the one who told to me scramble to the window and take a picture when SHE the more BRILLIANT photographer refused to come and help me.

Alwyn, wanted to message you about it because you would've done a good job at capturing it, but i pai seh lah.

The moon was full and radiating its lunary light. And the clouds was in strips across the moon in a ladder like and zig-zag manner. And when the pins of light from the moon piercd through the clouds, the effect was just breath taking.

The moon was SPECTACULAR. Anyone who enjoys sky gazing like me would've loved it.
But dangit, these photos do no justice but i will put them up anyway because i meant to.

The Best shot, which did NO justice to its actual beauty. Posted by Hello

Zoomed in on the moon. SO unsuccessful. Posted by Hello

*** ***

I turned on the tv to support Ronald Susilo,
And he lost.

I turned on the tv to watch the women's archery finals, and supported the Chinese Taipei girl.
And she lost.

So, i will do a good deed for all of Singapore and not turn on the tv to support Li Jiawei.

And for good measure, i won't even post anything supportive here.

By the way, i thought shuttler Chen Hong from China was cute.
Or maybe the cuter one between the him and the Korean shuttler.

ARGH!!! She lost the chance at a silver or gold!!! Feel bad for her.

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