Friday, August 06, 2004


I doubt that he ever wanted it... *oh well...*
Least he was decent to me, sometimes to the point of seriousness. Thank God! Because he is the type that well... You would want to get into his good books, or ELSE...

(don't think you'd be able to read your reply)

*** ***

Just some pictures i decided to put up for fun.

Pretty fully bloomed flower from balcony flower pot. Posted by Hello

Another pretty violet fully bloomed flower from window ledge. I tried to convince them of it being potential killer litter... Posted by Hello

My name, using musical symbols and notes. On "Myth and Music" lecture notes. Posted by Hello

As i grow older, i fear drawing again, because i think my ability to draw is puddle deep.

I used to draw, paint and do sketches which people liked but... those times are gone? There goes art with my childhood. Bleah. Time to find that part of myself again.

For some art thing back in primary school, a black and white sketch of two horses battling was chosen, along with some others of course, to be framed and hung up within the primary school premises.
I never got that one back. Wish i asked for it before i left.

Then in secondary school, i did a book cover design for the title "Bon Voyage". It was an exam piece actually. My teacher put it up in the art classroom for display, than somehow went into her own personal art room within the art classroom.

Horses scribbled during the "Myth and Music" lecture i had yesterday. Posted by Hello

Ah, these have been with me since primary school. But i think they look for the worse.

*** ***

*ugly mumbles*
I got a C- for my qualitative report. So much effort for...? I'm going to have to do a kickass essay to salvage my already hanging-in-there average of B.
Ok, i expected that i'd do pretty bad for this one, but not THIS bad!
The ONLY reason why i am not sobbing and banging my fists on the floor is that i expected it somewhat.

The next bad/good thing is that i've a new arts tutor, so who knows how he is going to grade my assignment? I've been averaging B all the way, and if he so screws my assignment grade for me... I...
(better left unsaid)

Been down with this nasty headache that started last week, and throughout every single day till now. I still feel it, though it's muted.

I have no idea why it started.
It was suggested i see a neurologist today depending on how i feel.
Should i? It hasn't eased off entirely.

I put this hit counter thingy in May and i'm quite surprised that it has reached 800 or so. Haven't got that many blogging friends so i am wondering where and who everyone else is...

Leave me a message will yoooo? Jo is curious. *winks*
Did i just do that.

Anyway. Been having many floating thingies in head but none materialized.
Off, before I begin rambling and justify a visit to the neurologist. Or was it psychiatrist.

Till Then.
*Maybe... it's withdrawal symptoms from not having archery for a week.* *(".)*

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