Sunday, May 23, 2004

Tired slob.

Alwyn and Weizhen:
Thanks you guys...
I guess it's just that sometimes, i read blogs of different kinds from different extremes. And i realize that mine is at the unsettling end, in my opinion.
There are narrations of narcissistic exploits, boring step by step processes of something i deem "important", and whatnot.
I thank you for still dropping by...
Appreciate the footprints you leave behind.

*** ***

Had a sleepover(at my place) with my "Library Gang" from friday into saturday.
ACJC Library Gang RULEZ!

No, not that we were all from the library CCA squad. We just spent almost all our free periods in the digit freezing ACJC library.

We're the gang of four, inseparable...

We got together at about 4+pm, yakked and yakked, then ventured out to HV for dinner.
Got back and proceeded to get ready for the REAL yakking.

It was so nice to get back together again, to update each other on our lives since the last time we saw each other.

Silly me. I told everyone NOT to sleep so soon. We didn't meet to sleep! Wanted us to stay awake for hours to talk, but yeah...
I was the first one to knock off.
Which i got partially yelled at about the next morning. *giggle*

The only gripe i have is that, i wish our time together could've been stretched...

It's just no fun to have everyone go off to do their own stuff so soon the next day.
Sure, it can't be helped. But hey, that's why it IS a gripe.

*** ***

Today, my parents finally got to see (after one year?) the Barang Barang photo at the Great World City outlet.
My god brother couldn't believe it was really me. The child's shocked expression was priceless!
I wonder how long it would be before they take down the photos.

*** ***

Really nothing much to say, except that tomorrow's (or today) my ARCHERY DAY.
And i pray that God would bless us all with good weather.

Been looking good so far.

My bow is not due for another 2 or 3 weeks though. *drums fingers*

I cannot wait to begin serious training. I want to see how far my body + training can take me in this sport.

*** ***

I need to buy running shoes.
New Balance and Asics are the choices that stand out so far.
Anymore suggestions?
Note: Am on tight budget.

I spotted some nice New Balance shoes. I'm not going to let them run away. (pardon the bad and unintended joke)

I am awfully tired. It's 1:30am.

till Then
*blinks with difficulty*

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