Monday, May 10, 2004

Men and relationships

The think the new blogger layout is extremely friendly for my laptop's format and screen.
KUDOS to the people at BLogger!

Nope, i will not name my bow until i actually see it and use it.
When i think i "know" it well enough... i will christen it... WOO! i have my dad's officer sword. I can knight it then.
Heh. Jo and her nonsense.
Hahaa, oh my flute? Samy is doing ok, if not collecting a bit of dust...
Samy is still looking good though, looking as good as new.
Nice to see you back again. Exams over, yah?

My WORD... You know all those things that you mentioned you said you might be embarking on soon? they are JUST the kinds of things i always dream of doing but never had the guts to do it.
Heh, yeah. Think you are going to need to recuperate after your Mt Ophir climb. Precarious stuff but hey... priceless. A discovery of self.
Wookay, will keep the date in mind. Really hope i can make it for the rugby match. An all-time traditional favourite school match.

PRECISELY. It's like...
"He is a true blue American COWBOY"

*scowls and disappointed looking catty women*

"BUT. He's worth 80 MILLION dollars!"

*suddenly, the light in every of the women's eyes spark up by a few thousand watts*

You know, seeing comments in the commentary box never fails to make me happy, even when i feel poopy.
Your comments mean something to me.
Thanks, you guys.

I am also aware though, that there are unseen guests...
HELLO you people! *waves*

*** ***

Ok, now it's men slamming time.

Feeling cheesed and if i do not get it out of my system, i won't be able to study.

I cannot and do not trust men easily.
They have to either REALLY prove themselves, or i have to know them VERY well or they have to be SUPER God fearing and SPOTLESSLY clean.

But which guy ever is?

I think my moral standards for a good male for me is too high for anyone to achieve.
One way or another, i am going to pick out something that pisses me off and then he's going to get bombarded.

I have read, heard and seen too much to trust the male species.

Sometimes, i just think...
-times when i just feel as if having a good relationship is as hopeless as me becoming a siren...-

Why bother going through so much pain and hurt of unmet expectations.
Look at the world today.
How can i possibly commit?

It is just SO hard!

Men do not change overnight.
If they do, it is really worth being suspicious over.
I question the motives.

Why isn't there someone i can completely trust.

My gripe(s) about men is...


Maybe i'm generalizing.
Maybe i'm being too harsh.

But i will say to you.
Can YOU PLEASE prove me wrong?

If you can, i would LOVE to meet that eligible man you are standing up for,
I would LOVE to meet YOU.(if you claim to be that wonderful MORAL-OOZING male)

I am plagued by, "What's he doing?", "What's he thinking?", "What?", "Why?", "How?"...

This world is evil, cruel, ugly.

No man on this Earth is perfect.
Therefore i cannot expect such a man to materialize.

Look at the sort of nonsense you get in university dorms alone?
I cannot stand for it.

What do i have to do?
Lower my expectations and learn how to trust?

But how can i do that? I am a stickler for Morals, Christian values, Honesty... the whole array.
I expect that of myself and i know i need someone who has set the same standards for himself.

A cry for good, God fearing men.

Where art thou?

In church, i hear?
Some would surprise you...

As for females...

We have our own set of bad points and stories of infidelity that men will gripe about.
Grant that much.

But that is out of the point.

It is MEN i have a problem with, not women!

Till Then.
*Joline is TRYING hard to remain nonchalant about her bow that is soon to be on the way*

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