Thursday, May 20, 2004


I don't usually use make-up. So when i do, i forget to clean it off.

So, out from the shower i came, and got a mild surprise to see Goth Girl staring at me in the mirror.

*** ***

I have finally found the closure i needed.
Things are not hanging about anymore and that's all i need.

We learnt during psychology class that humans generally like order.
We like things to reach completion and feel frustrated if they do not.

Such an example would be the family that was put through terrible emotional pain when they could not find the body of the father under all the rubble and debris from what was Nicoll Highway.

If this kind of situation can make me go gezonkers already, imagine what kind of trauma they went through.

I salute their strength and will to carry on.

*** ***

Different style of writing, or different way of thinking, or different usage of blog.
Call it what you want.
But i think i am a shallow person and less intellectual compared to many of my peers.

I yak about a superficial occurrence, while someone else will yak about the underlying issues of the occurrence.

I see such eloquent expression, clarity of thought, sharp meaning (no fuzziness) in other writings, while here i am writing things that are so two dimensional.

I realize and understand concepts only much later, when others grasp it within a fraction of the time i take.

I have so little opinions on issues, that i find it hard to debate.

My spelling and grammar sucks.

I think the reason is this.
I am lazy, apathetic and desensitized.
I am too well taken care of. Life is coming too easy for me.
I don't wonder enough. (maybe i'm not depressed enough)
Haven't been reading enough.

Ok, maybe there was a time my mind was in better shape. (i think?)
But, not anymore.
There has been an obvious deterioration.

Am i suffering from a degenerative mental disease?!
One of those that sneak up on you and before you know it, the evil thing grins and waves goodbye at you.


Till Then.
*Happy Holidays you guys. Mine is non-existent as of now*

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