Sunday, May 30, 2004

There is No Other

Did it really? I thought last year's match was even more iffy (for ACJC) than this year. ACJC looked a little more solid this year but were equally matched.
If it wasn't for the penalty, i wonder how long more the game would have continued at a 3 all draw.
Jolly well hope this will not be the beginning of a losing streak for ACJC. We've lost to HCJC in water-polo already. One of our star sports! Losing in the arena of rugby is a definite no-go. NO WAY. I was standing to the left of the grand stand... I saw Cheam (feel weird calling him that, i don't know him personally, but anyways.) only about once.
Old man? No, didn't see an old man. I saw one RJC photographer. But... no you. Hm...?
Ok, maybe i was too engrossed with the game or wasn't sure? Was looking down the length of the field: Nope, no Alwyn.
You weren't carrying a stand, no?
Really didn't spot you... Oh well... Haha, but i think even if i had spotted and waved to you, i doubt you would've recognise me. :-D
Most people say i look very different from college days.
(of course except the few who've been seeing me now and then)
Thank GOODNESS i have cable... Or else i would've missed out on your photos!
Good stuff and especially so towards the end, methinks.
Oh, are you using that photo enabling thingy that Blogger has managed to integrate?

Oh the experiment was a test on schema and stereotyping. Specifically, it was testing for gender stereotyping.
So, i'm suppose to read out some vignette(short written decription) to the participants and they were suppose to give me a precise answer.
The short story was about a lost driver asking for directions from a passer-by(the direction giver).
So, there were two conditions. The first, when the direction giver was a female, and the second condition was when the direction giver is a male.

*** ***

Ok, it's a sunday morning and i had to skip church service both yesterday and today. The flu's the cause but what i really thank God for is that i didn't have or any fever i had was minimal.
That meant that i could still struggle through that psych report.
A fever would've crippled me for sure.

People, i tell you something. Never leave Quiet Time (own personal bible study and time with God) to the moments before you go to sleep, if you can help it.

The morning is the best time to have your Quiet Time.
I'm not going to say: "IT WORKS" , because it's not like some cooking recipe or anything.

Just know that there is no better way to begin the day than with a talk with God, the Creator, the Almighty, the Only One, The Friend in A High Place.

He is the Greatest alive and how can we not spend time with Him?

There was a time when picking up the bible was a pain. It was a chore. It was time burning. It didn't mean anything. I wanted to get away as fast as possible.

But now, things are different.

Each time i pick up my QT stuff, i feel as if... a curious feeling, i must say.

I feel as though: I am coming Home.
It's an odd feeling, when thinking of it rawly. But that's the exact words to put it in.

Talking to God was like coming back Home. Everything feels homely and as if i am coming back to something familiar and loving and understanding.

So friends, or whoever is reading this.
It is my hope that perhaps some time, you might want to know this God...

Life may not transform into a bed of roses. The years ahead will never always be smooth.

But one thing is for sure. When life ISN'T that bed of roses, you are not alone to face it.

Hm, i apologize when i do make up my own words. Sometimes, it helps with expression when i can't find anything else better in the normal vocab.

*** ***

We now have to wean ourselves off American Idol, and... watch Singapore Idol!

I'm not a groupie, mind you. I watch it for the entertainment factor as well as to...
Clean my ears out?

Well, i love music and i like seeing how accurate my critiquing skills are.
Not that i can sing. OH PLEASE, i CROAK.

But all those years of music making, and being told off for bad tone and pitch have sharpened the ear to musical elements.

*** ***

The bow sight is an aiming device that is fitted onto a bow, for those of you who are sprouting question marks.

My bow sight case. It's not just ANY case. Shh. Posted by Hello

My Sure-Loc sight that i've been blabbering all about for the longest time. Posted by Hello

*** ***

As you can see. Technophobe decided to fiddle around with some photo thingy.
*clap, clap*

I still have to find a way of how to publish it without going around in circles.
For now, Technophobe is happy.

Till Then.
*Good Day, All.*

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