Sunday, May 16, 2004

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for lack of a better title.

HAHAHHA, sister, you are so funny.
Yez, those track shoes are from college days all right. yeehee.
The soles are opening up at the edges already. So sad if i were to dump them away.
It has some of our fun-o-rama red paint on it, you remember, that day when we were doing the banners... Oh, the memories.
Looking forward to see you guys, lots!!!
Want to just cry in relief already.

*** ***

Feeling really upset with recent events.
Some aspects of being human just cannot be changed just like that.
At face value, i don't think anyone is to be blamed. Unless there's really more to it than it seems.

But what can i do?
Sit back, and take it like another one of life's events?
Or, do something about it.
I am in a dilemma as to what i should do.
As it is, it looks hopeless and i jolly well have no idea about what is going on.
Mentally tormenting, this is.

*stares straight ahead, feeling yet again like a straight line that wavers every few seconds*

It is clear he wants nothing to do with me, so... there. He will have his wish.

*** ***

Went to Starbucks with a couple of buddies on wednesday and happened to met a sec sch friend who was working behind the counter...
Thanks SO MUCH HAIKAL! (not that you'd be reading this, but anyway)
So sweet of you and really appreciate it...

Saw another sec sch friend but didn't say hi.

*** ***

I learnt something valuable today about archery.

It is no simple task to get that nice looking yellow circle.
It's not just: pick up your bow, nock that arrow, and *zoing!*, *TA!*, and WALA.
What i mean is,
Archery is not as 2-dimensional as you might think, or as it might look.
Just a point of realization that i was told about many times before, but only had a taste of, today.

Initially when you begin, and if you start off well, you think: Whoopee, i'm goood...

But then, there will be a times when you:
1. hit a plateau
2. suay, suay had a bad day resulting in a less focused mind
3. are off form
4. missed a week
5. Discouraged by a previous practice.

Therefore, hampering good performance.

Today was such a day...

I started off really bad and felt so awful i messaged two friends.
Bless their hearts...
Never fail to make me feel better or offer some kind and truthful words.

One key thing i have learnt today about archery is this,
(IF you want to get back to form from a low point, keep these in mind):

1. It's very psychological. In the mind.
You are going to go nowhere if you keep getting discouraged each time by a bad shot.
You should treat each arrow as an individual and not cling onto the memory of a bad shot.
Getting yourself positively psyched up is very important of you want that yellow/bull's eye.
Change your attitude, move AWAY from the bad and negative HOLE of BAD emotions and thoughts. Instead, RE-PSYCH yourself, do a mental make-over.
Get that mind back into the drill and motion of archery.
Get the feeling back, get the mood, get the mental strength and focus back onto the target and why you can hit it.
Once you see the results, hang on to the positivity and believe in youself.

Keep trying... and Keep trying.
With repeated shots and the effort of changing your mindset, you will effectively see the slow progress of the arrows clustering back again.
Don't give up. It takes time to reset(grab all the flying frays of thought, form and attitude back and fuse them together), as it were, again and therefore you must keep at it.

I cannot say i am fully back in form but i feel slightly better.
I guess it is because i began to see results only towards the end of practice.
So, not much time to consolidate what i have gained back.

By the way...


Pretty, pretty...
I don't dare to take it out from the plastic cover.
Cost me a $#%%^$^& bomb, i tell you.

Coach could see how excited i was about getting my bow, though i was trying hard to hide it.
He bought himself a Hoyt Compound Bow, 60 pounds.
Well, i gotta start off somewhere, and definitely not with a Hoyt.

Oh, and i discovered via my shooting kaki, that just before practice, the team runs for about 30min around the Christian cemetery just opposite the range...

Till Then.
*Ok, psychology experiment, coming right up.*

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