Monday, May 31, 2004

Psyching Up.

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Just a little picture to bring a smile to me face... And to anyone who loves poochies.

Hello sister... Ha, confused is it. No worries!
Ok, what you saw was (no, not an alien invented form of funky vernier calipers, hiak hiak...) a compound bow's "bow sight". This is an aiming device, that is assembled and attached onto a compound bow. (see compound bow) What it lacks now, is a scope (an example). The bow sight is designed such that you can attached on a scope. So, this aiming device has little things you can tweak to move the scope left, right, up and down. YOu look through the scope to aim.
So, after the attachments are done onto the bow (sight and scope), you are now ready to adjust the equipment such that it is accurately zero-ed in onto the target centre.
Of course, that would then require you to do some test shooting.
Ya savvy? If not, i am more than happy to explain further.

HA, HA, HA... Now that you mention it... it does look a little like it. But without the clipping thingy.
But it is funky, no??? HAHA. The pixels don't do it justice. okok, not like there's much to improve on anyway but yeah... I love my first lump of equipment!
When i get my bow and attach it on, i'll post a picture to let you see how my vernier calipers fixes on. It'll do its measurements for me... right on target.

*** ***

Was doing a little surfing around and came across the names of people who would be possible future rivals...
As much as archery is about you and the target, the other fact is, you have people to beat, if ya want that medal, yes?

Call it rivalry, greed, etc.

I believe it's quiet ambition. You are going to have to set some sights if you expect yourself to go anywhere. You are going to have to face these people sooner or later.

Perhaps i am gearing up to soon? I beg to differ. I aim to psych myself up and keep the gears running. Not that i am going to go out with a big bang. No.
But i aim to quietly work hard at it mentally.

Sure, i am a beginner, a raw archer, an archery suaku.
I must cultivate an attitude and mentality of humility to learn, accept criticism and practice.

On the other hand, i have to think like an achiever.
And keeping this at a slow broil, i will.

It's kinda like, i am going to creep up on them.
(ok, not creeping up anymore, am i?)

So i am going to buy books, read and gain the skills i need. I hope the Great Sale has caught on in books stores TOO.

I have much to learn and many things are going to be tough.
That ain't going to stop me.
I love this sport.
It's like i found a missing piece in my life.
And i want to stay in it as long as circumstances allow it.

*** ***

What happened before was, he was suppose to call but didn't because he didn't have the equipment.
So I called instead.

So this time, i am once again expecting a call from coach but he hasn't contacted me. Does this mean that he still hasn't gotten the equipment? It has suppose to have reached his home country by now.
*arghhh.... sinks into a lump of slimey goo*

Have been waiting as silently as possible, patiently as possible, living through bouts of sudden bursts of insane elation without getting any internal injuries.
I haven't strangled any of my family in murderous excitement yet.

My phone is on LOUD MODE, am sitting tight in jittery anticipation.
But that's all unseen.

Till Then.
*Twiddles thumbs silently, patiently, living...*
*feel like knocking my head for being such a perfectionist*

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