Thursday, May 27, 2004

Messed but not destroyed.

Yes it is. Not to say that it is all right, but least we know that our team still has it in them.
Hm... Was looking out for you, the guy with the Nikon camera, but didn't see you. :-)

*** ***

Picking up from where i begun.

We lost to our arch rival, RJC.

I know i'll probably get stoned for saying this. But all along, i can honestly say that i felt something was going to be different this year.
And so it was.

Having said that though. I saw and i believe both teams were equally matched, apples to apples.

Both teams gave it their all.

It was just circumstances that we lost.

No tries. All penalties. Go figure.

The thing i liked best?
The students who were holding our school flag aloft,
WERE WAVING IT PROUDLY EVEN TILL THE END AS IF WE HAD WON! (when everyone was on the field)
Really spoke about true sportsmanship and the ACS spirit.

One would've thought that we had won, if you saw it from a distance.

I raise my hat to the ACJC rugby players who fought all the way. Not wavering at all.

You guys will come back stronger! GO YA'LL!

As for the RJC rugby players...

We'll be BACK. But as always... May the better team win.

*** ***

Ah, and i am pretty messed myself.
Being too engrossed in completing that psychology assignment, i forgot i had my other readings to attend to.
So what happened?
I am lagging behind the most recent lecture topic.

Some bug flew in (inFLUenza) and i awoke with a sore throat two days ago.
At this point, i am plagued by a sore throat, runny and stuffy nose, cough and occasional heavy headedness.
At least no fever! PRAISE GOD!

Wonderful. Ya can take it both ways.

My experiment screwed up in my face. I can either re-do, which is daft, OR i just have to follow up with my most "interesting" results.
So there.

I have a family thing on saturday and archery on sunday.


I've been trying to psych myself that i am actually OK and that i've had it worse before.

Even to the extent of trying to SING out loud, so that i can make good use of my husky, sexy voice. HAHAHAAHAHA.
CRAP la, Jo.
Hey, i need convincing, no?

Ok, but the dripping nose spoils the whole effect.

Gotta go.

Till Then.
*We'll BE BACK. *throws fist in air!* *

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