Saturday, May 15, 2004

General Feeling: BLAH

"...cares of this world just kill the few desires of our heart." It resonates.
Heh, maybe you could consider (though i think i might have some inkling you already have...) working with National Geographic. With your passion for photography and spirit of adventure... Woo.
The "job" to find a good christian man just got harder as i read your comment.

Ho sister. Haha, yez. Long commentz, me like. Yes, and i am glad for entertainment.
*more, more*
You know? It was just a few days ago when i studied and had a lecture on that psychoanalysis mumbo jumbo by our dear Mr Freud.
I am glad... you don't subscribe to all of that.
Penis Envy. (???) Er... Have a comment but best to not say..... 8-I

"Tsk. Scum aren't they? *grins*" (hahahha!!!)

Freud seems to have a lot of things to say about anything, and that it relates to something sexual.

*** ***

Today's saturday...
First to granny's, than to school, now at home and feeling...
Feeling like a straight line.

My eyes hurt, my shoulder is peeling from last week's sunburn.

Blah, is how i feel.
A few things, let me ramble in the most deadpan of ways.

I have not laid a finger on my bow. Yuh. And Why...?
Despite the reservations made for my bow, the dealer accidentally, or otherwise, sold it off. So, coach comes back with just my Sure-Loc sight.
Well, i'm mumbling under my breath, but hey.
Things happen all for a reason. And it could've been worse.
So i've to wait for about a further month. Since the next batch of bows will only arrive in the Philippines at the end of this month.

I have 2 psychological experiments to run and reports to do in the schmall space of TWO measly weeks.
My classmate felt better after i told her i hadn't started yet either. *grin*

Am discouraged by last week's performance at the range. Why? My mind was really somewhere far off.
I am not sure that tomorrow will be any different. I will just have to psych myself for the whole of tonight.
Need to get into a positive frame of mind for practice tomorrow.
Kinda hard when i am mentally tired out.

I feel the flames of anger, its heat just a breath away.
Feathery whisperings of hatred abound.
How is it possible to appease?
I know no way.
I stare ahead empty.
Mind still and blank.
That will be all thus far.
Very well.

I need to stock up to prepare for training.
My track shoes since those days of yore are getting too airy for comfort.
If you know what i mean.
But sports gear just don't come cheap. I am already spending a bomb on my equipment.
There goes a couple more hundred bucks.

*** ***

Been feeling awfully anti-social lately.
Must be my pathetic state of absent mental strength.

Have not felt this alone in a while.
It is a good thing that next week, is my get-together-with-friends week.
Miss you guys and really glad we'll be meeting up soon.

It's not like i have nothing to do.
I have plenty.
I know some things are crying out for my attention, waving their little transparent arms at me...
But i have not the heart to lift a finger.

Good thing i have church service tomorrow.

Till Then.
*To all my friends... See you guys soon yeah. Miss you.*

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