Wednesday, May 26, 2004


ACJC lost.
And that's all i gotta say about that.


The following replies were written before the match.
Which explains the ungrim tone.

Thank you, thank you... Someone who supports seasonal narcissism. YAY!
My flagging self esteem is always in need of ego boosting. Which's probably another reason why this blog's contents are extra narcissistic. (why do i get the feeling the spelling's all wrong?)
HAH. Yez. Our ACJC library takes the cake for air-con usage. But there's this particular corner in the library that i like to take cover in... It's at the very very corner of the library, where the fiction section is. It looks haunted (haha) but quiet and doesn't feel like a freezer compartment.
I don't know whether i should be thankful for never being part of Daniel Khor's lectures. On one hand, it must be pure entertainment, on the other, it is probably pure torture and a waste of time...
The photo(s) and Barang Barang? HAHA, yes, it is really me! But NOT forgetting dear Betty also... There're more pictures of her though. DUH... Cos she is so pretty! haa.
It was just a one time thing. Barang2 decided to open a make-up and girly accessories corner, so we helped by being the free models. Hehehe. It was because another good friend's(Germaine) sister worked for Barang2, so she roped us in.

Thanks!!! Oh and i didn't quite enjoy that sunday's archery practice. Having a series of bad bad weeks. GRRR...
YOu know what? I can't remember about the library thing... Then again...
OH! Yup, there's only one library in ACJC.

*** ***

Have been hit by a bug.
I want to hit it back.

I just got my psychology assignment back.
An expected bad grade this time.

I have also been denied again a place in NUS/NTU.
(SMU gave me a chance at my last choice)
I will be fine where i am.
At least i can get my degree, PLUS seriously pursue ARCHERY.

Till Then.
*Life... Goes on*

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