Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Proof that Joline is a Doofus

"Joline" should be placed in the Oxford Dictionary to mean: "scatter brained". Eg. Don't be so joline!

I bought a card, wrote in it, placed it in its envelop, wrote very prettily the name of the recipient, stuck a stamp on the envelope and had it sent on its way to my receiver.

But i didn't write her address on the envelope.


scezzy said...


Awesome :)

I'm not sure having that as a dictionary entry is too wise..

eg. I am feeling joline! Everyone's feeling joline!

Might raise a few eyebrows..

joline said...


*slinks off in the event of that happening*

Pope @ David said...

Hmm, there might be a way to get the card back actually. (".)

Every post-box has a serial number that helps SingPost identify its location. If say you posted it at the post-box near yr place, ring up the post-office nearest to your place(Ghim Moh?) and quote them the serial number and perhaps ask whether they had a repository of undelivered mail?

I once called to check whether they'd collected the mail I posted late on a Thurday afternoon cos' I was hoping the receipient would receive it on Friday. ;-)

Still remember which post-box u used and the date you posted it?

joline said...

pope @ david:

Eh... i think u got your days mixed up leh... Ok, we need to talk and renew memory files liao. :-(

I know which postbox but i've forgotten when i had it posted. Never mind, i'll just wait and see, and if i don't get it back, then i'll just get another one... Thanks! :-P

lakeside girl said...

Someone i know *coughsJONcoughs* did something like that too. He went all the way to the post office with package in hand, only to realise that he forgotten to bring my address along.

So don't feel too bad. :D

joline said...

lakeside girl:

yeay! thoughtful(ha, shameless me)-forgetful friends unite!

Eh, so sweet of him leh. Hope he didn't have to travel too far in the cold.