Thursday, February 15, 2007

I met this teacher from church a few years back and she said that based on experience and her observation, she can probably see my future career having to do with things of the heart and emotion, while my sister's future career would deal with practical stuff. She's right, so far.


I'm lost with respect to what i want to do in future. Totally. The steadfastness of wanting to join the SPF as an officer has waned in light of recent life experiences. Perhaps i may still work there, but not as a woman in uniform. I can't say for sure still. I'll see where the Lord draws my heart to.


Some people have commented that i looked: "mixed". What do people mean when they say "mixed"? Is there a fixed and understood meaning of it in Singapore? From what i know, if someone wanted to say that you looked Japanese, they would say, "You look a bit Japanese." or, "You look like an Indonesian-Chinese". So, what do they mean when they say "mixed"?

Before running off to feel flattered and blogging about how good i feel about myself for having caucasoid features, i must first ask them what they mean by "mixed". Maybe what i have are actually features of their favourite gold fish or their beloved pet chihuahua.

For the record, and to set it straight, i look completely mongoloid. Slits for eyes, fair yellow toned skin, the works.

But i can still daydream. Haha. *snort*

Do you notice how i write the above as if meaning that having caucasoid features are desirable? Ah, food for thought again on the topic again of what beauty is, yo.


I spent V Day with thousands of strong silent types, staring down hard at me as i walked by them... They were knowledgable and complicated people, and i certainly couldn't judge their colourful characters by just their covers. I even got to take some of them into a private room to get a piece of them.

Ok, ok... My day was less exciting than you think lah!

I was surrounded by them reference books and then a room full of photocopying machines at the National Library. *wistful sigh*
No pony riding or sky gazing for Gem and i at the moment. Busy, busy we are.

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