Friday, February 09, 2007

There is always a spectrum of arguments for the for and against... But still. I really like this advert that i got to know about from

I'm impressed by what Dove is doing, being proactive and in-your-face about challenging the stereotypes of "beauty". You might say that it's a futile attempt to the change the mind of every single person, given how embedded these ideas already are in society in general.

(but note how at different times in history, different norms were present and lauded! So i'm not saying that being skinny IS BAD, i'm just saying that we don't have to let stereotypes govern our judgements.)

But yet, you've got to hand it to them for stepping out and giving a voice and platform for the inner cries of, dare i say, every woman who wants to be seen as beautiful regardless of stereotypes, in a world such as this.

I find it absolutely thought provoking. Quite an age old topic, but it never fails to cause a stir.

I took a little Dove Self-Esteem Quiz, and i must say that it's spoken right into me quite a bit and practically too, so much so that i've actually written it down in my diary. Feels nice to get some advice that actually makes sense. :-)


lakeside girl said...


That vid's pretty incredible.

joline said...

lakeside girl:

*nods* Very well put together and executed. And the message is clear as day.