Monday, February 12, 2007

I've been thinking about this for the past two weeks, on whether i should go back to the good old days of standing in the hot sun or pouring rain in a big field, holding a device that would allow me to kill anything or anyone if i ever happen to lose my grip on sanity.

Yeah, i'm talking about archery.

It's been a really sore point to talk about when people ask me if i'm still shooting. It's usually the same response: "no...., not at the moment." said with a pained and almost apologetic look on my face. But the feelings of missing archery has never dulled.

Too many things converged at one point in my life around 1+ years ago which made me take a break from shooting till this day. It pricks my heart when i look at my bow sitting in a corner, unused and collecting dust. There was a time when the leather case was always covered in respectable mud and dirt from the field. Never dust.

I'm still in the midst of arranging my priorities and time alloted to each goal, so in due time i should be able to see if i can slot in alternate sundays for the sport that i fell hook, line and sinker for.


Anonymous said...

wats stopping u from archery these days? is it worth it to stop playing/ start playing archery?

joline said...


what's stopping me... it was the heavy school work load back then.

is it worth it to stop archery? yes, only because it means that i can sleep more on sundays.

is it worth it to start archery? yes. because i invested in it already, and i still love it. i believe that i can attempt to achieve a somewhat balanced life, at this point in time. also, it's got mental, physical and personal benefits that i can reap.

Pope @ David said...

Since i first saw u shoot ol' A.C.S. indoor range, i always thought u were made for Arching. I saw you: determined and tough mentally; yet humble, self-deprecating and humourous at the NUS-indoor too.

I hope you can find a way to balance schedule and continue to hon your sport yea =D

p.s. It's a privelege to be Water~boi (",) (^^)

joline said...

pope @ david:

Are you suuureeee? And how about being around to be teased by my team mates? Heh heh.

Really? *tear* Thanks... Aiyo, your compliments always make me read them over and over cos they mean so much to me. (was i self deprecating? I dont remember...)

Yeah man, i WANT to join another NUS Indoor... I miss my team at ACS! *sob*