Sunday, February 18, 2007

Blessed Chinese New Year Everybody! *warm handshake* I know how it's like to go about visiting, it can be fun and tiring, but on the bright side, hey, you're renewing ties lah, and that should be all gooood, yuh? Oh, and i've prepared an ang pao each for both mom and dad. Ssshhh, don't tell. ;-)

Gosh, my boss was so nice, giving us a lunch treat as well as oranges and *gawwsh*, an ang pao too. I'm still soaking in too much reverence and awe to open it. Yes, i'm a silly girl, i know.

In other good news, Adele is now 95% repaired by resident computer master in the home, daddy. For some reason, Adele couldn't access the internet efficiently and it frustrated me quite a bit. Adele's been sort of reformatted, so things are looking much better. *beams*


Another person asked me on friday, "Are you mixed?". This time, i asked him what he meant by "mixed", and yeah, he meant Eurasian. So, in light of my observations of the concurrence of certain points of info, i now conclude that my so-called mixed look is a result of my untannable fair skin (gah...) and my fake red-brown hair (dyed one lor).


All i want to do after visiting granny tomorrow is to sit down and do my essay!

Going to sleep now. I survived today on only 3plus hours of sleep, and it was a VERY disturbed 3plus hours of sleep throughout. Thank God for bringing me through.

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