Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I'm amused that one of the authors of my british written textbooks has "Woodhead" for his sirname. HAHAHAHA. Kayu!


ok, i was surprised but i'm happy nonetheless. Singapore won the ASEAN Football Championship! During the (church) band jamming i had on sunday, i overheard one of my mates say to another: "Singapore will win. Definitely." I was tempted to ask him how he could be so sure and whether... God told you ah?

And the Thais were nice throughout, so yay. :-)

I was amused at myself when i leapt to my feet from my reclining position with my arms flailing in the air and screaming like a loony. The goal was sooooooooo sweet i tell you. Flanked by defenders but he slotted the ball in so seamlessly. Awesome...


Speaking of "loony-s". Quite a number of years ago when i was in primary school, i went on a trip to Australia with my family. So there i was at the cashier paying for something and being new to the currency, i wasn't sure which coin was which. The nice lady at the cashier said to me, "there, that one with the Loony behind (the coin)".

Unfortunately for Ignorant Me, i didn't know that the bird engraved "on the back" of the coin was called a "Loony". So i was flipping the coin back and forth, looking for a "Loony". And mind you, the other picture on the flipside of the coin was the picture of the Queen.

Teehee, to someone who knew what a loony was, i probably looked like a cheeky kid who was trying to decide who the Loony was.

On hindsight, my rude mind would probably be adding a caption under that incident: "Which one?"
No offence of course, to the Queen.


Anyway, i read through the most recent posts and they sound pretty much like the rantings of a very negative and disturbed person. Truth be told, while i may be the pessimist, i'm not dysfunctional! I may be dysfunctional is some ways, but i'm just an ordinary person who needs to rant and here's the best place because i don't need to pester someone out for coffee so that s/he can listen to me, and you can easily click off to a happier website when you feel like it.

Yesterday i went for my first 3km in almost 2 months ever since i came down with the flu. Wasn't all that enjoyable even though i've lost 1kg and should have felt lighter on my feet. Instead, i've lost the light bounce in my jogging step, and the tightness that i used to feel when i was fit was gone. I had to force my lead weight legs to move faster than a brisk walk. My breathing was heavier and i got tired faster. Looks like i've got to work at it all over again. Man, getting sick messes up your health.

It's only been 2 months since the standard chartered run, but it feels like almost 6 months ago!

Lots of things lined up for me this month. Good friend has left Sg, trying to get into the role of being a buddy leader in cell without cell group meetings, involving myself in Spectra365 that'll require all my wit, heart and soul, getting school work done, doing stuff for a close friend's important day, thinking about my band and how to make things better for them. Even Gem and i haven't spoken a lot. Did someone say "how about V Day?" Probably going to be non-existent.

Tell me how not to be knackered... Mentally and emotionally. And some say spiritually.


lakeside girl said...

Reminds me of a quote i read recently:
"You are very busy. You read your Bible, pray, and do many things for Him. But do you spend time with God—just sitting in His presence and listening to Him?"

Jo, i'll recommend the book that goes along the lines of "Having a Mary heart in a Martha World".

I fallen pray to it myself too, being occupied with many activities - and they are good activities as well - but its so easy to lose focus of who we are really serving when we become so busy.

My pride, my self-glory, Man.. or the invisible God?

If i were a parent, i know i'd value my child's attention and spending quality time more than him "doing things" for me like household chores and stuffs.

Jiayou, dear gal.

joline said...

lakeside girl:

Thanks Mari. I do need to sit and be still before God and quit running around for a bit.

I am very vulnerable to this problem especially when i'm feeling jaded. But i'm glad for help that pokes me out from my rut.

Question though... When you leave me a comment, do you need to sign in before u can do so? I've some people tell me that they need to sign in before they can comment. But when i open the pop up window, i can simply select "Other" and still add a comment in my name but i don't need to sign in.

liting said...

enough of sounding like "a very negative and disturbed person" my dear fren. things are going to work out fine ya? I'm sure you can do it well and good, so you go, gal! (though I must admit that we all need rantings once in a while to modulate our systems) and if you need more help for "doing stuff for a close friend's important day" --> I'm just a phone call away =D

joline said...


Thanks girl. I want to believe that everything'll be ok... Especially in the face of so many obstacles and deadends. I feel bad about my outburst that day. I was really frustrated and felt misunderstood. I apologize if i made you upset too.

manu0liv1 said...

hi jo.

woodhead? haha.

Archbishop of Filipino Catholic Church's name: Cardinal Sin.

High-ranking bureaucrat in US state Dept: Richard Lawless.

Key contributor to book Singapore: The Impregnable Fortress, the British Surrender: Howard Makepeace.

joline said...


NO KIDDING?! My, the irony! I had a good chuckle.... Thanks bro. teeheheeh...