Friday, February 02, 2007

I find it sad (ie, as in "of concern" as well as "pathetic") that people would have in mind to harm a fellow human being over a game of soccer, specifically, the Asean Football Championship Finals that will be played in Bangkok this weekend. An Important Game for an Important Sport, yes, Controversial first leg, yes, Glory at stake for the Thailand team, yes, Strong Emotions, yes.

But is turning to violence really necessary? What good would it do for the country, what do they stand to gain except to be remembered as violent uncivilized zealots?

The supporters of our Singapore team who were at the National Stadium were not any better either... They jeered the Thailand team on a couple of accounts, which is altogether nasty and obnoxious behaviour as well. It does nothing to help the situation expect to add fuel to the fire.

Interesting how human behaviour can be so drastic given the "right" conditions.


I really hate it how i'm busy with everything except my schoolwork. I'm not being studious here, it's just that DUH, school has started and so school's on top of the list of priorities. I've taken on so many roles, official and unofficial, that i find myself swamped with having to tie a lot of loose ends that can take up an entire morning, or afternoon, or even the whole day. If this keeps up, very soon i'm going to be lagging behind my work and i can't afford to do that given this's my final year.

I'm hoping things will settle down soon. If they don't, i may need to drop something, or i just need to do things faster, or i just need to give up some of my own pleasures, or i just need to use my time even more efficiently. As it is, every second of my time has been used to achieve something that i wouldn't consider a waste of time. The only thing that i refuse to give up so far is my sleep and that's because I just can't function right if i don't get enough sleep.

Well, in a good sense, this probably means that life's been interesting with the variety, with purposes and goals, with minor and major adventures embedded in everything i encounter. Lets just hope that my perfectionist side and high strung self doesn't snap in the midst of all this.


Anonymous said...

whuoooo,where is pdus going? australia? study wat huh?>

joline said...


i can't reveal the details here, msg me then i tell u ok? :-)

Anonymous said...

oh my godness...why the secrecy? but betcha had a good reason

joline said...


i guess it's more of protecting the details of his life than secrecy.

manu0liv1 said...

hello jo,

don't you find it funny that when we are too free, we lament, and when we are too busy, we lament too?

when i was in uni i was v busy too. & v stressed. with ecas, work, Christian fellowship, & everything.

now that uni life for me is over, i look back, & i realised that the busy periods made me a stronger and more confident person. and i treasure the variety that i had.

cos once i start working life, which technically has already started, the thing that will take up much, much, much of my time, is work. work. and work. u won't realise it until then. u'll feel much more tired when u take on roles outside of ur work than when u r in uni.

so keep giving thanks for this variety, and this season. i respect the energy & determination u have.

joline said...


i agree. in fact, i get depressed when i am too free and it's though tricky, a balance is always ideal. either way, we can't always go through life in a stagnant straight line. :-)

sometimes one just needs to rant... (i'm female ok? ;-P) since complaining annoys people, i just need to diffuse, and let off steam here. i might grumble and such, but ultimately there's always something that i'll take any from what i experience.

I actually like to be busy. But not when it reaches a point when i foresee that something will suffer.