Thursday, March 01, 2007

Typing an essay out on a cold and rainy thursday afternoon is a pleasure only if you've got your beloved pet dog nestled in your lap like a hot (and furry) water bottle. Him lying here also helps me stay put in my seat to complete my essay, because i cannot bear to move him and i really needed to finish this essay by today.

Somehow his smelly doggy scent that wafts up my nose is lovely to my "K9 parental senses" and it makes me bend over to koochee him every now and then, which rouses him from his sleep.

This is the longest that he's ever stayed on my lap for a snooze... He's bigger and heavier now and perhaps he doesn't fit as well as before, but times like these bring me back to the days 4 years ago when he was a much smaller little black grub, no bigger than a small cat, who also spent some of his sleeping time curled up on my lap cosily wrapped in cloth as i did my school work at my study table.


My dad's who's an old ACS boy got Founder's Day dinner tonight leh. He said that the whole cohort for his year successfully filled two dinner tables. Not bad, i say. How come my SCRUM Network group leader not working one?


HippiHo said...

Nice pic you gt! Is it graffiti?

joline said...


Hey mate! Good to see you... :-) Yup, it's graffiti! Where i was, there were a few spray painted figures on the walls. Man, they were cool.

I don't know where exactly i was, but i was wandering around an area where there was a mixture of a lot of old as well as old but refurbished shophouses.

Anonymous said...

woah, dun tell me u bring ur digital camara everywhere u go?

joline said...


Actually... when i do whenever i remember to. Cos you never know when a good opportunity for a photo will come. I was out with WR and we sometimes go on impromptu photo trips.

Jem said...

Don't complain about your SCRUM leader... I've not heard from mine... Dunno how he became head prefect.

joline said...


Sorry, i'm wondering how scrum leader is related to head prefect?

Pope @ David said...

*looks at snoozing Jed in mommy's lap* Awwwww...... =D
No way to tell of his loud-hailer prowess from that serene scene. heh heh..


An imaginary conversation that took place in your new Blog ID pic:

AgentJo: Stick 'em up small fry!

SmallFry: *Peace-gesture* Yo, peace sista~! Apart frum da Adi sneakers n' no-name cap, i ain't got nothing for you to loot!

AJ: *flashes police badge* Trying to turn the tables on justice eh? You are under-arrest for your role in that "Good-time-great-taste" commercial that deceived countless kids into being addicted to your products, hooked even till adulthood!

SF: Heya look, I was only a back-up rapper ya' know? I can't even get da dough to wear me proper clothes! If der's anyone ya shud arrest, it's that dimply Hambargler! He got away with the dough from dat ad-job!

AJ: Argh, till today, you still haven't the modesty to cover up! *cringe* If you're so poor, how do you explain the hair-job then?

SF: Da hair colour's done with fabric-paint leftover from Birdie's osh-kosh b'goshes yea. It ain't da prettiest sight, but a fry's gotta be bold if he wans te stand-out in da gang ya'know?

AJ: Aha! So u admit to being in cahoots with those clowns! Now out with the truth before I fry you!

SF: Alright, chill, go easy there on the fryer. I'm not supposed to say dis, but, I and them other fry-kids n clowns, we're rejects from da Corporation's failed attempt at introducing colour to their menu. You dig wat I'm saying?

AF: *bewildered* What was Grimace supposed to be then!? Breakfast Jam for Hotcakes?

SF: Grim? Ya wuden believed it if I told ja, but dat fatso of a brinjal used to be small like a grape; untill he finished da Corporation's ice-cream and got fired!

Jem said...

My guess is that since he was the Head prefect, he just got SCRUM leader by default... whereas people like me have to send an application.

Pope @ David said...

*typo up there*

Shd be "AJ" instead of "AF" in the 2nd last speech quote.

joline said...

pope @ david:

HAHAHHAHA, i had a good time chuckling and reading that, and reading SF's dialogue with an italian accent as well. *lol*

Eh, i didn't even notice the typo... No worries for future comments la. :p


Really, is that how it works? Meh. :-S