Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I know that some of you have expressed your interest in the Threadless.com tees... So, here comes the good noos! They're once again having a SALE! USD$10 a tee. The not so good noos is that the range of choices aren't too varied this time, but still, have a look see and you might find something that catches your attention.


G and i have decided to sign up for the Shape Run '06: she'll do the 10km run and me, the 5km. Wheeee!!! She's the seasoned runner so she'll be doing that run while me the newbie dewbie... Shall go see what it's like to pound the roads along with a whole throng of other women (only). I'm sure there'll be loads of intimidating garang and fit runner types clad with an assortment of flashy branded sports attire bounding right by me. Ah well. Training for it begins now. Thanks Polar Running Coach. :-)

This is going to be my first competitive run, er, well, outside of school. I've NEVER been any good at long distance runs and truth be told, i actually hate it. So what's the deal? Guess i just love the exertion, the good sweat and the nice worked-out feeling after a good run (and throw in a gym session too, please will you.) Yours truly, the resident (selective) masochist.

5km is not a ton, i have to agree. So it's not so much of just merely finishing the race that i'm after because i can do that. It's the challenge of running it at a faster pace than i usually would.

Eess going to be sho fun!

Anyone else interested to go run too? Let me know k? :DDDDD
Yes, it's open to women only. And for the really nice guys, you can come and support your female friends by getting post-run ice cold drinks served on a silver (gold also can) platter and volunteer to give massages and a towel wipe down. Face, arms and legs only hor. Oh, bringing a standing air-conditioner and feeding us full, ripe and juicy grapes is optional but we won't mind that either, i'm sure. Thankew! :DDD

Nah lah. I'm content enough to simply mill around in my sweaty attire. I'm gross like that.


scezzy said...

Heh i wonder how the female only run will be enforced, what if some guy just happens to crash the party?

"She's a man! Get him!!"

With deadly female bodyguards lining every 10m of the route :)

Man, i feel so discriminated against :(

lakeside girl said...


THanks a bunch for the tipoff! U're a sweetie.

I can't believe i found 2 tees that i really DESIRED (ooH!) and *drumrolL* are still in STOCK! Small girly size that is.

One teeny favour, i dont hv access to a credit card so issit okay if i pay u and u help me order them?

Will be calling u soon!

Hugs, m

joline said...


Wahahaa... So funny lah you. Everytime i play that "She's a man! Get him!" scene, i er, burst into laughter, um, alone to myself.

Oh, i didn't mention that really swell goodie bag worth over... 200dollahs for every female competitor who completes the race. Aw, don't feel sad? i promise you can take your pick if you want anything... hee.

lakeside girl:

My pleasure. Good things must share...! And yeap, sure, let me know! :-)