Sunday, May 21, 2006

Another trip to the supermarket saw the resident suaku gawking in horrified surprise at these dudes. Not only were they a square bunch of watermelons, these dudes cost S$50 each. Lucky got no extra charge for touching them.

Next, we'll have hexagonal apples, triangular oranges, cylindrical grapes! How fun! And make no mistake, you must sell each one at $10 a piece, yo. Even the grapes.

Got no law against taking photos in the mart, right?


weirong said...

Those cubic-fruits originate from Japan i guess? I believe the cultivating process to get this shape is tedious.. hence the hefty price-tag yep.

Oh yea, sweet banana was yummy indeed! Smallest n nicest i've ever tasted.. haha..

wr said...


joline said...


Yeap. Other than novelty, i dunno WHY people want to go through such a tedious process to produce something people may not want to buy. But if people do, perhaps only once, or maybe bought only to be kept in a corner and not eaten because it's too precious. And then it rots. Buah ha.
Wonder if it has genetically modified extra nutrients.

Ha... Glad you like the bananas. :-DDD

liting said...

whats with the bananas? mutated too?

joline said...


Actually, yes, in a way. not genetically though. It's just some Japanese cake thingy. It's a nice spongy, banana shaped like cake with banana filling inside.

Eliss said...

where where got bananas?

joline said...


heeh, that's another topic altogether my dear.

wr said...

looks like i caused a lil' confusion by mentioning the sweet bananas eh..
lol.. >.<

joline said...



GeRmAiNe said...

i want em bananas...and watermelon...mmmm

joline said...


Ello Germ, the bananas i think no more liao, and they're from Japan. :-( Watermelon... Square one i buy for u when i earn big bucks k?

(signed up yet anot...)

Vicki said...

price drop loh lol. in 2002 when I went to japan on holiday these square watermelons were just invented according to the tour guide there. Last time its 100 bucks a pc. Supposedly according to her the square ones were easier to store in the refrigerator lol.

joline said...


HAHAHAH! 100 bucks for storage convenience... Amazing. But funny! And they have a point there about storage. :-)