Sunday, April 30, 2006

And so my life will take on another sphere: Work.

I've got this tendency to take up more activities and responsibilities than i can handle, but i think that this move to accept this opportunity recently is necessary in so many ways, to achieve both personal and future career ends.

It's not full time work, but i quote "very part time", which has the precise work scheme that i need at this point in time.

And thanks so much, you've been such a great help! You know who you are. :-D

And Lord, though i'm going to be doing everything else except seeing clients, still, please help me to be your salt and light, your prayer warrior, your instrument and servant in providing my best acts of service inspired by your Love, to the people around me who need you.


My wisdom teeth are pushing their way through! I've heard the wisdom teeth horror stories and have seen my sister look miserable after her dental surgery. I'm only a selective pain junkie so in this case, i sure DON'T want to go through the experience of having them extracted out even if it means a diet of ice cream (!) and campbell soup for days.

Sticking my finger in, i think that my new pearly whites are growing out just fine. Yaaayyeee... =D


Anonymous said...

if u want absolute no pain, u can go to gleneagles. my sis frend went there, it was quite ex i tink but there was absolutely no pain. on the other hand, u can go to NDC where ka wing came too. not too bad. reasonable price too

joline said...


Will take note of that. Teehee. So cool, i've got a dental therapist friend! Imagine how life will be in future... With friends from the medical field and accounting field, and others. We can all share our work and life experiences and stories. Sounds so idealistic but i hope that we can have the opportunity to keep in touch and hold onto the friendships right through to the twilight years.

Vicki said...

I remember when my sis had all 4 removed. It was fun teasing her knowing that she cannot scold me back intelligebly.

Haha luckily I have 3 out of 4 poking out from the gums nicely. Hopefully no 4 on the lower right jaw comes out nicely too.

My uncle was 55 when his 4th one came out rather painfully on its own.

joline said...


Woah, i wonder how that worked, coming out only at age 55!

uhm, i guess if you've got gum space... it's half good already i suppose. Cos some teeth come out at an angle which may be problematic.

Vicki said...

yep like my upper right jaw has the tooth tilting a bit backwards so food always gets stuck there. Especially the fibery beef noodles beef and the vegetable bits. Its a pain to floss and brush at times.

Well maybe wisdom teeth kinda stop growing for a period of time then continue again. Case in point would be the time inbetween my 1st one at 17 and the other 2 popping up simultaneously when i was 21. am 23 now but no 4 isn't around in sight.

joline said...


Still developing perhaps? Hope it's not too jam packed for the last one!

Vicki said...

oh haha i have a BIG Mouth so there should be ample space haha.

joline said...


*giggle* You farni lah girl.