Thursday, May 25, 2006

I'm scot free. Yes! Exams are finally over! Oh, the feeling's so good, and what makes it better is that i'm being kept busy. There's no doubt that i'm going to want some time to myself to do my own thing even if it's just stoning, but yeah. Being busy keeps depression away and i intend to keep my hols meaningful.

Tue: packed room
Wed, Thurs: @ Church office
Fri: Varsity camp recce @ Changi
Sat: Work, Sure Kickabout Futsal and (your confirmation service, i believe. :-> )
Sun: helping at the archery competition @ buangkok.

Woot! Who wants to book me nix wik? ;-DDDDD

All righty, i gotta run. Would love to get back to blogging though. :-I


Eliss said...

wow cool...glad that ur exams are over. me too! Am lazing ard. Cant go out as it is raining pretty heavily these days

joline said...


GreaT! So when's your graduation ceremony? The weather has improved a great deal. Real nice and hot, plus with the GSS, no excuse not to go out. ;-)

lakeside girl said...

WAhahaha. I've been waiting for you since April. ;)


But i'll be in Msia next wk. -_-

Eliss said...

me graduation is on 19th june, same as the Liting and only one person can cume so i will be asking my mum,sorry bout that

GeRmAiNe said...

whoa..u seem more consistent in ur blogging when u had a lot of work. haha. irony.

joline said...

lakeside girl:

Woah. I feel so speh-cial. :-) There's always the week after! :-D Enjoy your Malaysia trip, do take good care.


Oh, no problem, of course i understand. No need to say sorry one leh, hee. :-)


Precisely loh. It's been a noticeable pattern, consistent through the years.
Phew, i'm so tired. This past week has been one of early morning starts and non-stop action, so thank God tmr's a break for me. I am so going to nua.