Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Random. Busy busy.

There's this Threadless.com tee i want so bad but i'm not willing to pay close to 30buckeroos for it. It's called "Prehistoric Freak" (or was it Freaks), aka Barney the Purple Dinosaur. Man, it's funny.

Quite concussed at the moment, so i'm gonna sound pretty disjointed.

Anyway. It's so good to stop being busy (going out of the house to do something for a purpose other than doing something for myself) for a while. Call me nuts, because i awoke and started getting scared when i discovered that i had nothing to do today. Yeah, i am a bundle of contradictions. The thought of idling around came as a warning prick to my heart, and for two seconds i felt dread creep in. In those two seconds, i felt that same familiar feeling of depression... But I got moving with some cooking, housework and a swim and the day passed by in a flash.

The past week was madness. My room's like a hotel room, with me staying in it no longer than the time i need to sleep and prep to leave the house. I'm awaking at hours that i didn't even have to when i was schooling.

For 3 days in a row, i was cooped up in office meeting rooms making bookmarks for people i'll never know or never get to know, these people being church camp participants for the coming church camp in KL. Can't say i didn't have fun, because if you put a potent mix of people together, you'll get a riot. A fun riot. Always a good remedy during repetitive routine work happening hour after hour in an enclosed space.
Even better when you have concerned church office people (or rather, person) who take welfare seriously, *ahem* taking care to plug us with food. Ice cream floats, samosas and curry puffs. Hieh hieh.

Saturday. I missed all the action at the Futsal because of work at the clinic. Bleagh! I missed watching my Gem play the sport he is passionate about. Oh well. There'll be other times. And then came the Confirmation Service and hilarious RahRah for the varsity camp during Youth service. Cell had a good dinner at HV together, machiam extended family dinner. Ice cream followed. Oh, the icy joy. Yum. ;-9

Sunday... What. A. Day. With that wretched level of consciousness enough to slap the snooze button on the alarm clock that rang at 5am, i ended up awaking 50 minutes too late and reached Buangkok 40 minutes past 7am. The shoot began at 8:30-ish, and though i wasn't shooting this time, i was pretty late given i was part of the organizing committee. My bad.

I was given the job of "announcer" and never did i expect to have to welcome two MPs from the Pasir Ris-Punggol (or is it the other way around...) GRC. I mean, all along i figured that i was going to be the fella who tells the archers what to do at the shooting space, NOT be the person who dispenses information from the organizers over the mic to the masses and the NOT to be the emcee for the event. But no...

That aside, i thank God for my past experiences with public speaking because the mental partitioning from fear and the ability to speak with confidence with a smile that i had to cultivate in secondary school came in handy. After being given the list of names and titles of the GOHs, i sat down to absorb what role i had to assume and drafted out something rough. Details and exact lines only serve to make you more nervous, i feel. And of course, i submitted my fears to God and i thanked Him for my abilities and left all the events-to-come to Him.
No glory for myself, but i'm pleased to say that later on during the 2nd MP's visit, one of the grassroots people told me that she liked the way i did things, and asked if i do this emcee stuff all the time because i seem well accustomed to it, at ease and quick to figure out what to say. Thanks God. Couldn't have done it without you. :-D

The whole event ended at around 8pm. So that means about 12 hours spent trudging around the muddy Buangkok field. Legs felt like dropping off by the end of the day. Shoes took on a different colour. I played with a toad in the mud.

And so today was for myself, but it's back to verk again, with a recce to Changi, and more bookmark making and meeting up with my close ones. Gem and i haven't had any time to talk in depth about recent issues in our lives.

I'm tired and it's off to bed again. I never take long to fall asleep these days. I like.


Eliss said...

OOOO, u sounds very busy. Good 4 u!!i m chilling ard my home with good books and a bunch of beads. blah the ROM pics of my sis arrived a few days ago(the photographer took one)...so ugly.. i mean me! so sad that i dun look nice but wat to do? my sis is always so drop dead gorgeous. Ahhh the irony

joline said...


I don't think you really look ugly... Maybe someone else would have a more objective opinion. You're trying to make your own jewellery? (with the beads)

Eliss said...

I only do beading once in a while. Cos my material is lousy so cannot make a loop....long story. The lighting was bad makes everyone look brow-less. Heng my sis got a nice fringe so didnt affect her

joline said...


Er... think i got it wrong. So, what is beading?