Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The sad thing about humans is that when we chase the things that make our own hearts pleased and our desires satiated, we forget about the relationships around us that matter. Sometimes, it's not a literal act of forgetting, but a willful putting aside of people because of our priorities. Sad, but true. But is it always necessary? Is it really not possible to give up just one segment of our time that we spend doing our own thing (that is not related to serious work) to sustain relationships and continue treasured communication between friends and family?

We don't spend our last moments on Earth thinking about the unwashed dishes and undone paperwork that's due, but what we really long for are the very people around us who ate from those dishes and the people whom we have built meaningful friendships with while working through the good and bad times.

Is this an idealistic fantasy? Not entirely.


Pope @ David said...

Know exactly what u mean.. esp having gone thru trying-times not so long ago.. Thank God for speaking encouragement through
loved ones; they certainly sustained me in one way or another.. :D

You know where you'll find open-ears yep? @(^^)@

*wants to write on nice paper n pick flowers*


joline said...


Blessed indeed, when they come to you voluntarily to give their love and support.

Yes, you've always been there for me... Always gentle in character, thoughtful and sensitive. :-)

Eliss said...

ooo so lovey dovey here...wowww

joline said...


Wahahaha... Really ah. :-P Must let him know of his good points mah. :-DDDD