Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Just thinking about the run, envisioning the morning sprint, running as a pack of er, women, on the 16th of July makes my heart pound faster so much so that i can even hear the throbbing sound in my ears, feel my face gettng flushed, experience that wonderful tingling sensation of excitement and energy that spreads throughout my living fibres.

Now, if i can just translate and channel my enthusiasm to my fingers and brain to madly tappity tap on the keyboard for this essay question, i would be most pleased.


Eliss said...

go see my blog!! i loaded the pics of my sis's ROM

joline said...


Just did! WOAH!!! Like i tagged there, everyone looks so gorgeous! Your dresses are very different from typical sort of gowns everyone else was wearing. Better still, cos makes you girls stand out.