Thursday, May 04, 2006

Communication gripes

I abhor it when people don't take time to listen. They think they know what you're going to say next and interject with a criticism or their point of view on the matter. The bad aftertaste left in the mental mouth really isn't necessary if you would just pay attention for a few more seconds or at least 5 minutes. Is that so hard?

Some others just don't know where to stop. Being over zealous in the bringing across of their passionate opinions, they fail to see that they're upsetting their company, aggravating the already waning effectiveness of the conversation with their one track mindedness and impatience at how and why others don't agree with them.

And then there are those people who don't know the difference between being honest and being tactless. There's a reason why they say that "Honesty is the best policy", and not "Tactlessness is the best policy". You can be honest while being careful with how you put something across to someone. It need not be a pleasant message, but at least you would've done both parties justice if you uphold a level of respect for one another. Firstly, you hold on to your dignity, and secondly, you don't purposefully cause any more negativity in the other person than needed. How the other person reacts, post-discussion, is then really up to them.

Ah, then there is another category of people who are so sensitive about what's being said to them, but are indiscriminately insensitive to other people. Talk about double standards.

Woah. Then there are those... Champion Material type, you know? You take the initiative to talk to them, but they don't bother to reply. But if thy royal highness decides to speak, most of what you see are two nostrils in place of eye contact, or knotted brows above their aristocratic peepers with a royal radiant scowl even a peasant like me would be most blessed beyond compare if i were to behold.

Then there are those who cannot be bothered with you until they need something from you. This is an unfortunate fact of life, and as unhappy as one can be about it, we are all forced to do this at some point or another. It would be too idealistic to keep bonds strong between you and every single friend.

I also find it interesting to note how some people who consider themselves to be "open minded", can actually be the least tolerant of others who decide to have a strong and steadfast opinion on an issue. The irony, man.

How interesting the thought: If we all communicated the same way, would we communicate better? Then, who's to say whose communication skills are best to be adopted? And the list of questions goes on.

As Batty (the, erm, yes, Bat) from the movie "Fern Gully" would say: "AGH!? Huuumaaannn!!! Where? Agh! Agh! Aggh!"
Yeah, as humans, we all can be pretty scary people sometimes.


kimBarLeY said...

wow...your post was too subtle, could have been more AggreSSivE in bringing to light the atrocity of such people...seriously.
especially agree with the point about some people "who are sensitve to what others say yet not careful about what they say to others".
i mean, seriously, if they dont like to be bitten, why bite? if they bite, they for goodness sake, BE PREPARED to be bitten, right?

( sorry for long post here. really don't like people who are in this particular category that's why. will write a post on these kinda ppl in my blog too)

joline said...


Wah, is it really subtle? I thought it was quite angsty liao.
Looks like you've had your fair share of bad experiences and being hurt by people like that. Oh well, it sure teaches us tolerance and also tells us to not be like that lest we hurt others too.

No worries about long posts, cos i like to hear what you have to say. :-)

ISSYIZZY said...

arlow Issy case ur not used to the Bell, gosh ur post describes almost every type of communicator in dee werld...lolz...coolness...shows the power of ur england ya know?=)anyway...can identify with you...seriously can..=(

joline said...


Yeah, much of our lives is all about communication!
heh, oh well... i did leave out the good communicators though. Think i was not in a very good mood when i posted this up. :-S