Friday, May 05, 2006



Something from my psych textbook:

Callum: Is God everywhere?
Mother: Yes, dear.
Callum: Is he in this room?
Mother: Yes, he is.
Callum: Is he in my mug?
Mother: (growing uneasy) Er - Yes.
Callum: (clapping his hand over his mug) Got him!

(Donaldson, 1992, cited in Stevens, 1996)


As the 4 people sat to watched the idiot box showing a pretty lady making 2 long scratches on a piece of paper with 2 pictures of rather innocuous objects, one person says: "Ya! You know jie's friend put a tick instead of a cross in the box you know?"

Dad: No, no, no... You must put a tick on the one you want, and a cross on the one you don't want.

My fambly.


You know you can't cook/need to improve the currently tragic culinary skills, when you attempt to cook one of your favourite dishes only to mess it up so bad that... the favourite dish is not so favourite anymore.


I think that i take things way too seriously. It's either that, or i put too stress on myself when i need to perform. To compound things, when everything comes successively blow by blow, i feel like keeling over and dying for a while. For a less dramatic way to escape, i would love to be whisked to some beach (with a guarantee chop to be rain-free) without a single care on my mind, and sip a cool drink with jazz music playing in the background.

Things are not bad, really. It's just the paraniod, easily freaked, easily pressured person that i am that makes me incline more towards being the one ON the couch belonging to a psychologist, rather than being the one LISTENING to the one on the couch.


Eliss said...

wow ur psych textbk seems very interesting. back in my 1st year and 2nd year i did pysch as my module not too bad. very nice to learn. that was my one and only distinction i ever got. i even thought of doing this after i fin work as in go a private uni and do a psych degree but....well kinda diff

joline said...


That's the trade off i guess. But it's so insightful yah? :-D

The psych book is interesting... But sometimes the brit way of writing makes reading extremely tedious and kills he enthusiasm. But they are very meticulous in their analyses i suppose.

Eliss said...

o brits are always long winded i tink. i so prefer american ones. in fact all my textbooks in poly are american. including biosci, dental, socio.psycho, etc. i cant imagine poring over british textbooks....i will sleep

joline said...


good idea to keep one by your bedside in cases when you find it hard to sleep. :-D I can volunteer one... Guarantee chop will put you to sleep in less than 5 minutes.

cynicholas said...

so that's where jamie got his inspiration!

GeRmAiNe said...

psychologists are bored ppl. heh. overanalyse things. =x

joline said...


Hee, i wonder how bad his screw ups ever got to be. Don't you just love the way he tosses everything everywhere when he cooks?


Not all. Just some... Like, Freud.