Thursday, May 18, 2006

In the last 5 years, i've been a most faithful supporter of the ACJC rugby team, trudging down, rain or shine, mostly solo after leaving JC, to the Police Academy to lend my screaming mouth to cheer my team on and to snap pictures of the event.
In the last 5 years, the finals always saw THE clash of the titans: ACJC and RJC.

But not this year.

Well, it's not too bad... since... RJC was the team that (still) got booted. Muah hahaha. Go SAJC! (even though you beat my team too. :-< )

Disclaimer: me no vendetta against RJC lah. Just some plain and simplistic old school rivalry.


Eliss said...

what happened to Ac rugby? team this yr?

joline said...


I have no idea. Sigh. A friend says that it could be the IB program that schools are running now. So that means that those ACS(I) students who are gifted ruggers are staying in ACS(I) and not coming over to ACJC.

Eliss said...

ooo i see i see. Btw i saw MI 2. great movie

joline said...


Eh... do u mean MI 2 or 3?

lakeside girl said...

Joles! I missed the threadless sale, but i found some cool online shopping sites with really PRETTY clothes!!! *grins*

Anyways, my campus ministry is having a retreat to Desaru from 30th june to 4th july! There'll be archery, water sports, adventure trek, games and so on.

I'll send u the email if u wanna come. Pls confirm with me really soon! :)

joline said...

lakeside girl:

Funny, i was just thinking of that sale recently and wondered why you hadn't asked about it. Sites? Which? Where???? 8-O!

Woah. The activites are calling to me. But i don't think i can afford it.