Friday, August 20, 2010

Yum. Made a really delicious pasta.


1) Ordinary, boring, smoring, plain campbell mushroom soup (also add 1 can of = milk and water)
2) Garlic and onion (roughly chopped)
3) Leftover salsa (tomato, jap cucumber, chilli padi, onion, black pepper, salt, lime/lemon juice)
4) Basil leaves (from my OWN PLANT!)
5) Bacon
6) Pinch of mixed herbs
7) Linguine

1) Fry garlic and onions in olive oil till soft and brown
2) Add in can soup, plus the additional 1 can combination of milk and water
3) Stir till it smoothens out
4) Add in salsa and bacon
5) Throw in chopped basil
Keep stirring...

Meanwhile... Towards the end of the sauce-making...
1) Boil up your linguine till it is still a bit hard, just before hitting al dente (or you can have it al dente if you want a softer pasta at the end)

When sauce is done, just throw in the freshly cooked pasta.

Well, that's what i did. I realized tossing the freshly cooked pasta into another pot of hot sauce might cook it further and then make it softer than i would like. Which was a mistake. But good thing it was done slightly before al dente, so my pasta still had bite, which i like. Alternatively, maybe you could fish out the pasta first, let it cool before dumping it in with the sauce.

The result was delicious! And it didn't even taste like i used the boring old campbell soup. Yay!

It could have been better with some fresh prawns thrown in.


zzen said...

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stuck in a rut said...

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zzen said...

it will be BETter With green peas is friday!!!!! yipeee ah ah.