Sunday, August 08, 2010

It was funny how on a sunday morning when i was suppose to be watching Inception and getting my brain all twisted up with Gem, i landed up pretty much all alone with nothing urgent to do sitting at the Food Basement @ 313.

The taglines stuck on decals on the walls surrounding me read: 'Food to Go for People on the Go'.
And I was going nowhere.

In those moments, two things happened. One, i had time to sit and talk to God and pray. Which was such an irony. I was more free being out than i would be if i were sitting at home. Two, a family that descended on the seats next to me really blessed me. Not that they did anything to or for me. All they did was, BE a family. From the way parents spoke to the children, and children to parents, you could tell that there is love in the home and mutual respect for one another.

Though i was either looking straight ahead (of course sometimes secretly glancing at the children from the corner of my eyes) or having my eyes closed, i was smiling inside.

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