Sunday, August 15, 2010

i need to get this out of my system before my cortisol levels boil me up alive.

i was reversing into a parallel parking lot when the owners of the nice red toyota celica that was in front of me actually came and wanted to drive off. So common sense tells me to pause in my tracks in the middle of parking so that i don't hit the celica that was reversing backwards before driving off.

because the road was a narrow one, i was in the way of the driver behind me. due to the above situation, i couldn't budge for a few moments, BUT THIS EINSTEIN of a driver behind me started to horn.

and horn.
and hoooornnn...
and horn, horn, horn, horn, horn, horn, horn.

i tell you, i was so pissed off.

instead of horning the whole neighbourhood awake (it was night time in a dense housing estate), why don't you perhaps stop for a moment and LOOK FURTHER AHEAD TO SEE WHY I AM PAUSING?

sheesh. i passed my driving test you know. and i have a certain level of intellect that i wish you would at least respect.

didn't you learn that you should look at least 100m ahead of you? have you ever thought that perhaps there is a REASON for some things to happen?


Rant over.

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