Monday, August 16, 2010

Poll and Thought for the Moment:

Do you think a guy should ask his potential in-laws for their daughter's hand in marriage before actually making the proposal, or should that practice become obsolete?


Usagi♥Love said...

hmm in my opinion is it better for the parents to screen through the potential would need the parents's blessings as well...Maybe this practice has become obsolete? I don't know...look at the divorce rates today...but for myself I'm pretty much a traditionalist =P

joline said...


I agree that parents need to screen boyfriends. Parents see things from another point of view which can be very valuable for a couple. Not a 100% divorce safe remedy, but it definitely helps to in avoiding some avoidable issues.

and i definitely agree that blessing are important! it starts the family off on a good note.

zzen said...

it is not obsolete but sweet.i tink it is a nice gesture. wich is so rare these i shud say yes, a guy shud do tis.m i hearing weddding bells soon?

Joline said...


nope, no wedding bells soon. :p

we need more guys to answer this question!

the only limits are the limits u set on urself said...

wahaha yahor, where r the guys?!btw, i remembered ur post abt hw terrible alevels was. yey, but how can we let one alevels determine hw we fare later in life?

Usagi♥Love said...

what is school? what are grades? formal education is important, but what you learn from the university of life is far more important...just as it is far better to be smart in than life than just being smart in school...or on your school report card :P