Thursday, August 12, 2010

I can't believe i had to do this, but i had to cancel brunch with a friend recently just because of this IBS nonsense.

My gut has been protesting recently and it's making me increasing frustrated. At the simplest foods, i get bloated disproportionately to the amount of food that i eat and yesterday and today, i even experienced pain. I used to get backaches and pain before when it used to be worse. I got better in the last few years, but now the pain has returned.

Things started to go downhill after eating a bowl of fish slice ban mian a few weeks ago. I got pretty bloated after that and it pretty much messed up my whole rhythm for the days to come.

Another ironic observation is, is that i'm still having these problems despite my efforts to eat healthier recently. As you would already know, I've always tried to eat balanced meals (carbo, fibre and protein in a meal). Recently, I have added more greens to my diet.

I wonder. Has the increased greens actually aggravated the condition? After all, more fibre = more gas. If this is true with respect to what's happening for me right now, then boy howdy, this really sucks because i've been eating more greens in hope to have better movement in the system and also to get the nutrients from vegetables that nutritionists and doctors always talk about!


Gem has kindly and very sweetly borrowed some books for me on digestion and the gut last week (ever since my complaints escalated) and i guess i need to take some of the suggestions in there seriously. Anyway, just wanted to take the chance to say thanks dear, you're awesome. :)


z said...

why dun u see a doc? i tink is justified if it hits u real bad. i mean see a better specialist n see wats he says. sometimes, after a few years, health changes.the tings that used to irritate ur condition may not be as harmful and wat used to be harmless may suddenly strikes u.if it is an one off bad episode, u may want to recall wat (everyting u ate) prior to the attack. keep a food diary?then try elimination method, eat only 1 item tat u suspect, and see if it fares up. then a few days later, eat another suspect food and observe.perhaps it is a combination of foods tat is causing u trouble. of cos tats the foolhardy way, but sometimes even docs cant tell u offhand why certain food irritate u. u need to find answers. dun suffer anymore

joline said...


yup, thanks. :) i agree and i've been keeping a food diary. so far, something in milk and yoghurt makes my system go crazy!

still experimenting as i go along...

zenn said...

issit lactose intolerance?

zzen said...

actually some pple do find dairy products produce gas, but i wonder why cheese dun have the same effects as milk and yoghurt? maybe is the trace ingredients in i m allergic to panadol, but i can take biogesic(same as panadol just diff brand names leh)

Anonymous said...

try this